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    Hi fellow Psychonauts!

    Appearantly there´s a new Motorpsycho live record out on Devil's Child records, recorded at Freak Valley Festival 2014. On presale right now…

    Limited to 100 copies and 30 (so-called) test pressings, but only shipping to the US unfortunately…

    Here´s the link and good luck:


      To me that looks like a bootleg rip-off. Audience recording, later remixed/remastered and sold as "limited edition exclusively in the USA".

      I'd rather stick to the excellent audience recording of that gig from DIME – probably the same source. Keep it free, keep it non-commercial – don't rip off bands and tapers!


      All other records from the label are official, there´s a Mos Generator record with similar artwork, and it´s an "official bootleg" according to the band´s bandcamp site…

      Maybe we´ll hear from Motorpsycho soon if it´s official or not. But you´re right, if it´s not legit, I´d stick to DIME.


      Anyone here from the USA who would buy a copy and send it over to Germany for me?

      So disappointed that they only ship to the US …


      I went through "Shipito", they create a U.S. shipping adress and then ship it to you. There´re a couple similar sites if you don´t find someone in the US…

      Krist Rampage

        I can’t imagine Motorpsycho cooparating with putting out a record that ships only to the USA. Would make no sense at all.

        Krist Rampage

          They spelled Reine’s name wrong. Twice.


            It looks strange indeed, but still tempting as long as the band agrees with the release (?) I asked via FB if the label can give details on the audio source… still missing a contact in the US though to make it a "reasonable deal". Hope there will be more details coming up.

            Krist Rampage

              Sold out.


              Sold out already. My fault…didn´t see the last post…


                Mist. It seems to be legit and not sourced by the known audience recording :-/ So – how about another 100 copies for Europe?!

                Krist Rampage

                  On the site you can find the lp in the category bootlegs.


                    Hmmm, I wonder why it's not released on Rockfreaks records…I asked Jens from FVF for

                    the soundboard to mix it with my audience recording (which is most likely the bootleg

                    offered) but he declined to give it to me. So, if I don't get it, why should an unknown

                    american get it??? FINGER WEG! And – fucking shit! My recordings are ALWAYS for free.

                    That shit seriously damages my good stand as a reliable taper!

                    Pfui, schämt Euch ihr geldgeilen Arschlöcher!!!


                      Lets hope they release this on Rockfreaks to.


                        why bother if it's free on dime? why throw money at someone who might not be involved with the band?

                        and what spacebandit wrote.

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