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    Punj Lizard

      Motorpsycho appear to be one of those bands that thrive on collaborations with other artists. Deathprod, Jaga Jazzist Horns, Baard Slagsvold, Ohm, Ståle Storløkken, the other Tusslers, Reine Fiske, Kristoffer Lo and more.

      What are your thoughts about the various collaborations? How much do you think the various directions the band has taken are a result of the collaborators' influence? Or did they just seek out the right collaborators for the direction they'd already decided upon? Who are your favourite collaborators and why? Do you think some collaborations didn't work, or went on too long? Any feelings, thoughts or interesting facts, trivia and anecdotes about Motorpsycho's collaborators would be welcome …


        I loved Bard Slagsvold and his mostly perfect work… I also like Reine much… I think he is a great 2nd guitarist…

        Stale Storlokken also was a very crazy character… But most of it I love Bard for the superb arrangements…


          Yes, Bard, especially his finest hour playing electric piano on 4 Norsemen of the apocalyps/roadwork 3 in Hogwash, when Johan Sebastian B. Himself looks upon him from the golden clouds!

          With Storlokken is often a bit too bombastic for my taste. Reine is like the modest but hardworking hired man, comes over very introverted at gigs, while Kristoffer Lo was the opposite in his presence, which I liked a lot, and also a bit more spunking the melting pot, i.m.o.

          As far as orchestration of MP songs went up till now, I think string arrangements work often great with their songs, but I'm not always convinced by the use of horns… or…wait! I love em in Siddhardtino (Trust Us), something like an ambient polar circle sound! And at the end of Taifun on the same album.



            Yeah That Hogwash version is too one of my favorites…


              MP with Deathprod was the perfect match for me. He added the magic noise and sounds :-) I also loved the work with Baard, especially live. The same goes for Reine and K. Lo. They all add something important to the sound. As I don't like the Unicorn album, they could have dropped working with Storløkken. And the Jaga guys didn't do anything at all for me. It was ok for one record or two, but live it became annoying. Ohm's work was fine!

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