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      hey guys,

      just checked the hp of gebäude 9 and they say that there’s a disco or something after the motorpsycho concert at 23 p.m., so they will start an hour earlier as in berlin, hamburg and bielefeld: 20:30!


      Yes, this is true – on Fridays shows at the Gebaude 9 start earlier than usual – so don’t be late !


      Sideway Spiral III



      Inside Looking Out


      Upstairs Downstairs

      577 (amazing!)

      Year Zero





      Kill Devil fuc*in Hills (massive power jam version)

      => Alchemist


      Hogwash (I have no clue what that song inside was, before the Hallejuwa part)

      An absolute amazing and mindblowing show. Perfect sound. Unbelieveble energy und endless jams.

      Golden Core was on the setlist and supposed to be played, but something on the drums wasn´t working, so after a short discussion they played SPACEWASH!!

      See you tomorrow in Brussels :-)


        yes great show, I agree. :-)

        it was my last on this tour, and I think the best that I saw.

        it started very fantastic.

        ss3 to inside looking out was awesome, what a manmowear

        (written so on sanahs setlist ) version!

        nice sidenote:

        someone shouted:

        kill some day

        bent answered:

        some other day :-)

        tonight there was a lot of highlights.

        my special one’s were:

        ss3, manmower, cornucopia, inside looking out (very long and totaly amazing!)

        577, y.z.. diana, alchemyst & hogwash ( no idea about the first song inside, too)

        a great end of a nice personaly tour.

        have fun all others.

        see you in may!


          I’m so happy for you guys, seeing them all over Europe :)


            yeah, that was really fantastic, a perfect completion to the “pop” concert in bielefeld… :-)

            stooka: what a pity that we missed each other…



              yeah, a pity, well than we will meet us in dortmund. 8)


              Changed GC to Hogwash was caused trouble of synth which Kenneth play. But that Hogwash was pretty good I thought. Bent said that ‘It was interesting’.

              Well, head to Brussels this afternoon! Last show to me and friends. Hope to see another mind blowing one! See you there, if you will join the show!


              577 was AMAZING!!!!

              Great King Rat

                “Kill Devil fuc*in Hills (massive power jam version)”

                Haha, excellent, Thomas! I was planning to post the setlist as well (you were faster though), and I was thinking to write EXACTLY THE SAME about KDH! What a monster! Best thing was when they sort of came to an end after the long jam (people started clapping and cheering) but then went on for another minute of mayhem.

                “yeah, that was really fantastic, a perfect completion to the “pop” concert in bielefeld…”

                Absolutely, Chien! It was a pure rock show, I was quite exhausted afterwards…

                Some notes about the singing & lyrics:

                I thought the singing was pretty good, especially in 577. And have you realized there are some changes in who actually sings what? In Bielefeld Snah sang “Kill some day” and he also did “Cornucopia” both in Bielefeld and Köln. Also, yesterday in “Greener” Snah sang: “All over 39” instead of “26”… Hahaha, well the guys get older, too!


                  Incredible show with perfect sound!!!! Kill Devil Hills and 577 were my favourites, too. I recorded the show in front of soundboard. A lot of annoying talking around me, otherwise a nice recording. Need some help from a friend for uploading. It’ll take a week or two, then I hope it will appear on motortrades or dime.


                  Great to hear about your recording, surftex ! My mic broke seconds before the show….


                    @surftex: Good news! Thanks for recording the show!


                    WOW1 Was a great show (my 2nd MOTORPSYCHO show, btw). How to get the recording???


                      Another voice…

                      Last Friday was my _20th_ MP-gig, first (and last?) this tour.

                      Drove from Eindhoven to see the gig and have a two day stay in Koln.

                      I am a bit surprised reading all the above comments.

                      The point I’d like to make:

                      What a **TERRIBLE** concert hall gebaude 9 is! F*CK!

                      Most of the past shows of MP I’ve seen in places like the Effenaar (old & new), Tivoli, Paradiso, 013 and festivals (tents and outside). And these Dutch places all are way better IMHO!

                      So Whot’s Uh the deal…:

                      – Gebaude 9 is a very narrow and deep hall. (“Pijpenla”) (first part of the gig I was on the left at the back, last part near the entrance of the room back-right <just before before the steps leading up to the mixing desk>).

                      – The room was way overcrowded!! (sold-out shows in NL do not seem to be so crowded)

                      – The air was hot, sweaty (smelly people!), quite oppressive.

                      – *Some* people in the crowd were sometimes very chatty (an asshole talking all through up-down, and then at the end of the song yelling ‘bravo!’ to the band, what an *sshole!)

                      – People going to get drinks in the next room (no bar in the concert room??) carelessly and rudely bumping into other members of the crowd.

                      – IMHO, and this where I have to disagree with other reports, the sound was *FAR* from perfect! … From where I stood at least. The balance seemed quite okay maybe, not too clear at times and the room resonating at certain frequencies (in the alchemist, some ground tone bass notes were very dominant, others inaudible) and all sounds sounded very much far away to me.

                      All these circumstances mentioned here caused that I could only be an observer to the gig. I was there in the hall, but could only attend the concert and hear motorpyscho play in the front of the room. BUT there was no way I could EXPERIENCE the concert and the music of Motorpyscho.

                      For me, Motorpsycho live should be and usually is an experience! Not this time. And that sucks pretty hard.

                      About the music/the band:

                      Allthough I could not enjoy the concert very much, I heard they are in form and were sometimes doing very well:

                      Where they got to in Manmower was remarkable! Snah was on fire, 577 seemed to be a very good one and the highlight of the evening: KDH! what mayhem! (the only song I had a BIG grin on my face after having decided that I’d just have to forget about the whole gig)

                      There were also weaker parts, heard them sing a lot better, but then again also a lot worse. Singing part in alchemist for example was not too good. Some transitions sounded sloppy sometimes. Sometimes things sounded a bit too rough for my taste (the chord-riff for Cornucopia I could only distinguish from the rhythmic way it was played, The chords sounded all the same and very noise like)

                      Anyway, at the end of the gig and it being not a good experience… I was actually glad the sampler died and they couldn’t do the magical TGC. (My beautiful memory of the one time I saw them do the song in 2000 remains)

                      So all this makes me wonder:

                      – Are all concert halls in Germany/abroad this bad? (maybe some people who have seen more concerts (some people on the magic bus?) can say something about this?

                      – Am I becoming an older grumpy man? (..who does seem to have more and more difficulty in experiencing concerts in general.. and more and more becoming an observer at gigs.. Oh well… )

                      – Should Motorpsycho be (and are they in a position to be?) more critical about the places where they perform?? If they are so concerned about what and how things are being released shouldn’t they be more critical about the places they play?

                      Because them playing in such a place did not feel like good advertisement for them!

                      – Are there people who have been to the Burgerweeshuis? What’s it like? How is the sight & sound?

                      I’d like to know what some of you think. Thanks for reading..


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