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    Just found this uploaded to YouTube today. Apologies if it's been shared before


      Whoohoo! Hurrah! Started it and couldn't stop watching with speakers on 11 ! More proof of their versatility, the greatness of Tomas, and I like the powertrio-form without even keyboards, just pure rock 'n roll!Can't get enough of that Motorpsycho stuff!


        Man Finally… A Motorpsychodelic show in really good quality… Much too less are there especially on you tube… Most of the live recordings i can barely listen too but this ones allright…

        Dance into the may… :STG:


        Very nice! Thx for link!




            Great show and great sound finally! The voices weren't always great as in other shows I attended but it is still amazing.

            I would have loved a Behind the Sun/Here be Monsters full show recording with that same quality :P


            Great show in terms of sound quality and playing, but the singing was horrible :( Too bad that many live recordings of recent years have the same issue.


              Interesting opinion, Katmadrome. Vocally, I noticed a big improvement in the concerts I've been to in the last years (from 2012)…maybe I was lucky to choose the right ones, but every year I have the feeling they sang better than the previous one.


                @Ercarnar; I agree. The singing AND playing of MPmusic is difficult in the first place, and than there's the close harmony stuff, difficult to do live I would think. When I watched 'Crackemback' I think I noticed from Bent's behaviour there was a monitor problem? Nowadays I often wish for MP to have their own steady soud crew, for the stage as well as for the concert halls, sometimes it's just too bad their fantasic playing get's screwed up by sound-problems (Alkmaar!)… :?


                  Thx for the link.

                  Very great vid, although is isnt he complete show. Vortex Surfer is missing.


                  Bent had monitor problems at Lyse netter also. I have a picture that shows his frustration

                Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994