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    I’m doing a registration for the norwegian state about norwegian songs who’s been covered by foreign artists. I guess MP have been covered a lot of times, and I’m glad for all info such as name of foreign band, name of MP song, name of label and year of release. Beside from the tribute Self Indulgent Mono Minds, I’m blank.

    i.e: Original: Junior, from Demon Box, Voices of Wonder 1993

    Junior, Gloricz Jim (NL), from V/A: Self Indulgent Mono Minds, Supermodern 6/2000

    I’ll be grateful for all help.

    Trygve Mathiesen

    Punk- and Postpunk Consultant

    Rockheim – The National

    Experience Center of Pop and Rock


      Sorry I can´t help, but I just had to say that it looks like a really cool job you got yourself there. “Punk- and Postpunk Consultant”


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        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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