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    I’m trying to put together a compilation I’ve called “Psycholive”, containing both covers and rarities from various live concerts. I’ve already made a compilation based on something I got from a friend called “Psychobabble”, where my version contains 24 songs with both covers and rarities. However, all of these songs are studio versions. Now I need some help to sort out track data for Psycholive, and there are six songs I’m not sure about. I’ve got control over the other 23 songs, whereas only one of them (Baby Jesus II, live punk version from ’98) is a original song.

    Rad. Freq. (I think it is a orignial song, I’m not sure)

    Kissoon (same as above)

    Phoot’s Plower (same as above)

    Young Man Blues / Master Of The Universe (this is some sort of jam- is the second part a cover?)

    Psychonaut / Within Me, Without You (same as above)

    In advance, thanks! :MPD:


      Rad.Freq. is from Trust Us. Also known as Radiator Freak or Radiance Frequency.

      Kissoon is an original song they only played live early 90’s.

      Phoot’s Phlower was only played live once in Oslo 2006. We now know that it is a VERY early version of Gullible’s Travails from HMF.

      Master Of The Universe is a Hawkwind cover.

      Within You Without You is a cover of the George Harrison-penned Beatles tune.


        phoot’S phlower was also played at the dour festival 2007 ;-)


          Are you sure un chien? Because from what I heard, the unknown song they played there was an early version of Sunship. That was also played several other times during the 2007 summer festival tour.


            i think a saw a setlist from that gig somewhere in this forum with “phoot’s flower” on it…? i attended that gig but i can’t remember if it was that song…


            Thank you very much for the info! :)


              I’ve been looking (Dime, Traders Den &c) for the early version of Phoot’s Phlower for a while… any of you know where I might get my palms on any recording(s) of that one? Any chance of a reupload to Dime or somesuch?


              At the boarding school I’m at we are not allowed to upload anything, but I might be able to ask a friend for help.. And then I might be able to upload my compilations Psychobabble (24 unreleased original songs, whereas 5 are live) and Psychocovers (24 covers, whereas 5 are studio takes). I’ll keep you posted :-)


              By the way: My version of Phoot is from Rockefeller, Oslo, 25.10.2006.

            Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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