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      I assume I'm not the only one who has noticed the problems with this reissue?

      I haven't listened to Demon Box (the original) through my headphones for years (if ever – I usually blast it through my speakers), but when I played the reissue I could hear some weird mixing problems. Sometimes it sounds like regular sound dropouts, other times like someone is switching a 'mono/stereo' button like crazy. It's very obvious on Mountain and She Used To Be A Twin, but it occurs elsewhere as well.

      All in all it's a very nice boxed edition of my favourite Motorpsycho album, but these glitches are annoying as hell.


      hm..waiting for my LP to check


      This concerns the CD-box only, if I interpreted this correctly?


        Not sure, I haven't bothered with the 2LP reissue since I have the original.


        Hey, pfft! Have you checked if this could be your headset or stereo playing tricks on you? Did you try playing it on another stereo? It's very strange all this. We've checked around on a few copies + the master and it all sounds perfect. If yours is a single bad copy, for some reason, this will of course be replaced. Please let us hear you find out!


          Thanks, I'll try another stereo later today – I'll keep you posted.


            One other thing:

            A few seconds into She Used To Be A Twin I can hear someone (Bent?) say something like "fÃ¥ hele kompet i øran"… I cannot remember hearing this on the original Ugly EP?


            Bent's "Få hele kompet i øran, når det kjæm" Is on the original version as well! Check it out :)


              pffft, maybe you can be more specific where to check? All I hear: the chorus line "beneath your mountain" drops to the right at 1:49 but not at 9:40. But this happens on CD1, CD3 and the original vinyl. So it's no glitch… I also find She Used To Be A Twin perfectly balanced.

              Cautious hint: The stereo panning is basically wider than on the original vinyl, maybe some of the intended original guerilla pannings pop out more now and may irritate? And take its "no compression" recording and mixing into account. I don't hear any problems on my box. :)


                You know what? I'm sorry you guys, please disregard everything I said above.

                I just listened through the whole thing again on the same stereo and with the same headphones, and everything sounds perfect.

                Weirdness… I must have been tripping.

                Sorry for bothering you all.


                Funny how a reissue makes you look and listen from a different perspective to something you thought you already knew everything about. For me:

                – I just noticed the shadow of the photographer on the cover-photo.

                – I just noticed the MP logo in the demon-box on the attic on the gatefold-photo.

                – I enjoy the liner-notes so much; I could read a whole book about this…..


                  Awesome box as ususal. My only complaint is the DVD. It isn´t really that much to look at, but sounds fantastic, so I think it would be much cooler if if was included on a couple of CDs instead. (Or even better, as a Roadwork vinyl set!)


                  Lovin the shoegaze version of Golden Core. Come On In is also cool in a Sister Confusion-ish arrangement.

                  Even though I'm glad they released both as they did.

                  Karl M.


                  Any background info on the notes on the cardboard cover for disc 4 (outtakes)? Was the tracklist displayed there ever in consideration? And what songs are Will Power and Goodbye; were they released under different names?

                  Most of all: did the band ever record, or play live, She Said, She Said? Would love to hear that!


                    According to She Said, She Said was never played live.

                    As for whether it was recorded… who knows? The track list suggests it was recorded, as album sequencing is something you usually don't worry about until most or all of the tracks have been recorded. But if it was recorded, why was it then left out of the box set? Perhaps there are royalty issues we don't know about? Perhaps it was just not a very good cover version? We may never know.

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