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      Crackpot made me rethink this :)


        How much money did you have in mind pr. psychonaut then?


        It´s probably easier and more potential money to get from all the different fonds you can apply for in Norway.


          GBD: Whatever people feel is okay for themselves :)

          Yes, of course. But it would be a nice gesture :)


          It is a very nice idea and gesture but I think that if you're company want to invest in making a video themselves, with financial help from the Norwegian fonds, it could have some commercial benefits in the long run.

          In this time of 'no money' it is a bit strange to give a music video to the lads considering that a lot of people have a hard time getting through the month with the little money they've got.

          In Holland there is a football club named Feyenoord who's in debt for €40.000.000,- and a group of rich friends started 'Vrienden van Feyenoord' (Friends of Feyenoord) and they collected already €25.000.000,- including €100.000.- collected from fans who could give €10,- a piece, to help the club.

          That is a noble thing to do but giving money so that Motorpsycho have another music video is a bit unnecessary for the moment (I think).

          If one of the boys are in trouble then we maybe could help them with some money…

          If you want to film the band in a live setting consider this:

          In this forum topic OT: Radiohead lend their music to fan-made live DVD we talked about making a music video,

          Maybe a good idea for the next tour:

          If somebody would like to ensemble it, in combination with an excellent audio recording, we all could send him/her our concert-footage and so create the next Roadworks-DVD.

          You're company could do the editing, we could ask Motorpsycho to lend us the audio (if they record the tour).

          It would be awesome if this could be realized some day!

          So no story, no gimmicks, just the band and their music.

          Capture them in a 'live' setting, doing what they love and what they do best.


            That's true about commercial benefits, Crackpot. I hadn't thought about it that way. Good point.

            It would be wrong to use forum members' money for personal (company) gain. I'll rethink this whole forum money thing :)

            But I still do want to make a video for free! We'll find a way. If the band will allow us, of course.

            Cool that you like the video concept by the way!


              A psychonaut — and fellow member of our community here — once officially filmed a complete MP show (Kiel 2000) with the band's approval but the project was shelved and never saw the light of day because the band wasn't content with the result (or something to that effect). Knowing this story (as well as the way MP works) I think it will be very hard, if not impossible, for Bent to let go of the control and approve of something which he cannot monitor closely. However, a pure fan effort maybe could have its appeal to the band :-)


                Did anyone of you see the Beastie Boys movie "Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!" (2006) IMDB

                It's a live performance shot by audience members at a 2004 Beastie Boys concert at Madison Square Garden. The band just handed out cameras to selected audience members.

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