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    hi out there…!

    i made myself a MP poster. just for fun. not for sale! know i must see where i can have this printed…

    hope you like it! :D

    bigger version on my page (click left)


    have fun!


    Very, very nice!

    I didn’t understand all the symbols you have used (the vikings and the runes are often used in metal, and I’ve never considered Motorpsycho to be a metalband) , but i really like your work!


    well, all these symbols are nordic. (knots, viking ship, runes…) these flowers in the upper corners are the stylized trondheim rose for example….

    the meaning of the runes is Anniversary.

    i wanted to establish a relationship between MP and their trondheim/norwegian ancestry.

    i didn´t want to make a metal poster… :?


      Nice one mate.


      Very nice! I love it! You’ll try others later? Hope so! If you make something like this, please show them : )


      Oao, love it! Very psychedelic and “Norwegian”-ish.


      thanx guys!


        nice one. i would hang it on my wall.


          yeah, me too!


          Lookin’ good brave captain.


          that looks great! :)


          I made my own t-shirts

          don’t know if that is to be categorized under fan art?




          wow, Vortex155…!! how did you make these shirts? are they screenprinted? they look so professional! will you make on for me, too?


          A painting, while having a lazy day in the studio.. Guess only the title connects to MP but whatever!





          would be a great cover for a next album

        Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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