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      Don´t this have been posted before, but I stumbled upon this geb interview on the internets, from Norges nytt (a journaliststudent site I think).

      Talks a bit about quitting MP and that he don´t really likes the 15 min spacejams of modern mp.


      I would definitely go for some sliced whale and all of that business.

      Hvalbiff, det er mat det! – Hans Bauge


        What is Geb doing these days anyway?


          He's touring hard with "HGH" and "Meg og kammeraten min" (which is actually also HGH, just in Norwegian and for the kids – and very funny).


          Does anyone know which Italian show he is mentioning in this interview? Tried to search Dampsaba without much luck.

          Seems intense to play a gig after something like that has happend to you, but maybe this sparked the urge to play one hell of a gig!


            That could be a year later than he said, on 09/04/2000 @Ciak, Pisa.

            And About five months later, I saw MP for my first time in Brescia! :STG:


              Yeah I also think it's the 2000 Pisa show he's referring to. I can easily see the two first songs (Chien and My Best Friend) lasting for an hour :lol:

              But it could also be that the Dampsaba is missing the Pisa 1999 setlist. I have a soundboard bootleg from the 1993 Gent Democrazy show, and that setlist is not there at all. So there can be inaccuracies in Dampsaba.



                there you can read the whole story!

                cheers, andrea

              Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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              …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994