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      Geb was such a melodic drummer, that really did add stuff to the songs


      and it’s a matter of fact that Kenneth is the best musician motorpsycho has ever seen.

      do you really think so?

      -> I do, he is technically the best. This is not meant to critize older songs or other band members – there are sparkling diamonds mp will never write again… but there’ll be other, new ones :)


      “Coward???” Come on.

      Bents words in german are not that harsh, as some guys post it here. He just states, that the band was in a dark phase, and that Geb wasn’t really into the band for this period, and wanted to do other things on his own. So MP was kind of “lifeless” during that period. Waiting for Geb to leave, was hard for everybody in the band. There is not a real bad word against Geb, just the fact, that he didn’t fit musically with Snah and Bent in this time. And after Love Cult he quit, and for Bent it was like getting a new chance. And indeed, with Kenneth he seems to be so full of new power, Kenneth seems to be a very good musician for MP, with a lot of ideas and big influence on the songs. In the end I cannot read anything bad or any personal attack against Geb in the german original article! (I’m german). Maybe for some of you it’s hard to see that Geb and the other 2 didn’t went that well together at their end? It’s past and long gone, and MP are heading for a bright future (still!), so never mind.



        I´m don´t speak germen so I can´t really say if Bent spoke bad about Geb or not, but Hetfield55s post seems likeley too me.

        – MP stagneted, they lose inspirationn, Geb quits

        – Bent & Snah finds new drummer and inspiration and feel rejuvinated

        – tells the press, fans speculate.

        On the DVD video commentaries they seem friendy. (unless they where recorded before the split). Also, wasn´t there some article in some norwegian paper last year (dont remenber about what or where) with a picture of Bent, Snah and Geb together at a bar, resuaturant or something like that.


          This one, I suppose? As for the DVD commentaries, I figured out at a point while listening that they must have been recorded in 2002 (or was it 2003?).


            welsh rarbit wrote

            1. “cowards”, “pretty uncool” [towards Geb] – not a bit harsh on Bent here? In my interpretation he is only stating the obvious: Ken is one helluwa drummer, better than Geb; he [Bent] has developed a lot as a bassplayer after starting playing with Ken; MP was really in a dead end musically after LTEC, and it took both Geb and MP a long time to figure out how to take it further. What should they have done: Kicked Geb out? Or kept going down that road? With IALC in mind: No thank you!

            I think you’re right there. I had the chance to speak to Bent & Snah a little in 2008. Of course they wouldn’t spill any details or personal stuff about it. I got the impression it was a confusing time (it was also more a Tussler than a MP period) and now they’re happy and strong as a unit again. He praises this in that interview, so one shouldn’t read anything critical about their past into it. I asked when they did the commentary tracks for the Haircuts DVD, because Geb’s on them, too. I might remember this incorrectly but I think they did it in their late days or even after that on friendly terms. Sometimes you just split. Big deal for the music but not so much for the friendship. And there’s all the pictures and nostalgia on the DVD and Geb’s pet project for Now it’s time to Skate gets its proper credit for that and everything. It’s an ending to an era but it’s also its celebration, no? One wouldn’t release it like this otherwise.

              This one, I suppose?

              hmmm yes, maybe Bent is taking revenge by kissing Gebs date


                Haha! :D


                I really don’t think that it’s “a matter of fact” that Kenneth is the “better” drummer. He may be technically better but that’s just a little part of the drumming art.

                Playing fills all over the place all the time is less interesting as having a few cool breaks that come sharp as a knife here and there. And to keep back is not so easy for alot of musicians, that’s an art in itself I think.

                For me Geb still layed down the more interesting drums in the studio so far.

                I’m just more a fan of planned out drum tracks when it’s about recording in the studio. Or more produced albums in a whole.

                It’s a different story live as you could see on the tour what a tight rhythm-section Bent and Kenneth have developed in the meantime. They just have to get that on tape and I hope for Heavy Metal Fruit in that case!


                  This whole tour – which is their best since 1999 – was recorded on 24 tracks = The best news EVER! That it possibly will be released in any way shape or form soon is secondary to the fact that it EXISTS, and inevitably will be unearthed sometime in the future. I’m ecstatic!


                    ex-daniel wrote

                    Playing fills all over the place all the time is less interesting as having a few cool breaks that come sharp as a knife here and there.

                    well what about Keith Moon then?

                    I don’t care if Geb or Kenneth is “better”. I always admired Geb for his kinda light and “flying” grooves. He’s not the dumb downbeat one two one two drummer. This added a lot to my love for MP music. Having Kenneth now is first and foremost a miracle. He adds a different edge, but something’s lost just as well. Which is normal. No complaints. I was really worried when Geb left. Jacco of course did fine, but a bit too conventional. I don’t know what Bent’s learned in the last years, I just noticed that on this tour they got quite funky. That’s new, no?

                    boomer former helm

                      no worries from my side about geb and kenneth. they are both great in a very different way. i do not see what mp lost with kenneth. he adds a very far aout improvisational aspect to the music. and he has very deep sense of understandig mp’s music and how to play it fresh and somehow new. i love his way of drumming (just remember his kind of solo on the floor toms in hamburg, that was much more than just technically perfect, it was very very intense).


                      Didn’t directly pointed that to Kenneth, maybe I expressed it a little incorrect. I wouldn’t say one or the other is better or worse of course.

                      What I mean is that I think it’s cooler to have a nice, more or less planned out drum-track on the album (in general). The same for other instruments.

                      To me it just sounds as Gebs drumming was very well thought about before recording.

                      The last albums are just a little too loose in a whole. I say A LITTLE! :)

                      Again, not to compare this with the live performance, the current MP is just insane live! Now catch that feel on the albums too!

                      I really dig drummers like Keith Moon or Mitch Mitchell. But they are close to genius and played with even more genuis minds in their bands! :) They are on another level.

                      boomer former helm

                        yes, you are right. it feels to me that the songs from c.o.t.f. were recorded somehow spontaneous and with not a big idea where they could go, and maybe they have been partly improvisations. so the drumsound on that album is a bit spontaneous too and not that constructed. i can see that. i am really looking forward heavy metal fruit, and how the drums will be there. if they catch the live feel well it will be great!!! and yes, keith moon is on a very very special level!!!


                        found this, anyone menioned this before? Interview of Bent.

                        talk about band name, play style, life with kid, about English and Norwegian etc.

                        can save mp3file also!


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