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    Hey everybody,

    I don´t really know where to put this post so I just leave it here. Please let me know if there´s an existing thread to posters and related stuff.

    I´ve found an old MP gig poster cleaning up my rehearsal room. It seems to be rather old and I cant find any hint on year, show, release date … so I thought I might consult the good old collective memory in this community.

    I cant upload the poster here so I´ll try to describe it. If anyone´s interested I can send a picture via email.

    The poster´s size is A2 and its (screen?)printed on thick yellow paper. It has got a thick black frame line. In the upper part you can read the old MP-lettering that blends into a doublecircle of arrows. Under that you have an empty box (for the venue / gig date). At the bottom there´s the MP tribal logo.

    Since I´m from Germany (Hamburg) I guess it´s from a Germany tour but I cant say fpr sure.

    Ideas anyone?


    Hercules Wolftrap

      Yes,found it! Thanx! :-)

      Can anyone narrow down the year for this piece?:

      Or any other information?


        Behind the Sun-era, perhaps? If so, 2014.


        I agree insofar as the sun-like design fits the Behind the sun-artwork.

        But the poster itself seems to be much older. In the Rockheim archive its tagged with 1990 but as are a couple of other posters so I guess thats only a refernce to to the 90s as a decade.


          Come to think of it, could that circle thingy be from one the vinyl sides of the 3 Songs for Rut single?


          Jupp, you were right! :MPD:

          I don´t own that one, but I´ve found it here:

          So that makes it what – 1992? Real antique :wink: I´ll see if I find a better place for it than the pile of garbage where I found it


          The poster was also used to announce the Demon Box release party at UFFA 26.2. & 27.2.1993. I have the poster😊


            Why is the MP logo upside down?

            mister conclusion

              Maybe to make it look a little bit satanic for the ones who know? Like when you read your name backwards?

            Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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            …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994