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      Pretty good gig. Setlist:

      Yeaz Zero (a great opener!)

      Ocean in her Eye (much faster than the album version, rocking!)

      Glow (grooovy)

      Ãœberwagner (Heavy)

      You Lied




      Whole Lotta Diana (very nice long middle jam)

      Upstairs / Downstairs (very quiet and lovely)

      Little Lucid Moments

      Taifun (beautiful!)

      Watersound (brutal seconf half, bent broke a string)

      A pity with Watersound as the only encore (I dunno why), otherwise a nice main set. A longer, norwegian report is coming on, after the weekend.


      I think the gig was great. As ingmarwa said; great opener and some groovy tunes following. For me, Taifun was the highlight and maybe diana. And watersound was great too. I think the reason they only played one encore was the small audience. Shame on us swedes for not supporting the band the way we should. The place could easily fit at least twice the people that were actually there. The band seemed to enjoy playing though. OK sound and from where I stood I could see Snah use the moog pedals… amazing during taifun and watersound.


        oh great, they’re still playing the LLM suite? here’s hoping for Berlin.


        Yeah, the llm suite was great! forgot to mention that. It’s soooooooo much better live than on record and they really rocked during this one. Kenneth is such an amazing drummer and i never before realised how huge his hi hats are :)


        Must say that the first 3 songs of the set played were totally amazing, really intense. Here is a picture of the setlist

        They never played bedroom eyes. Dunno if it was because of curfew or the small audience. Nevertheless the band seemed to enjoy playing. Indeed Kenneth is a amazing drummer, I never realized how high he places his hi hats. ;)

        A small anecdote: Someone in the croud shouted: “I said a young man” and Bent answered “Ain’t got nothin’ in the world these days”

        I really enjoyed the show, it was great seeing them again.


          So cool that “LLM” is still in the repertoire! I was afraid they had shelved it already!



            Why is there a “Setlist” forum when everything gets posted here?

            Hmmm, the Norway setlists were more to my liking. Where has The Golden Core gone?


              I think the subforums are just filters, every post made to every subforum will show up here.



              Good to se LLM back !!

                I think the subforums are just filters, every post made to every subforum will show up here.

                No, I don’t think, that’s true. It seems like it, because the list of recent topics is ridcoulously long. Underneath are the subforums and I still think that the setlists should be in the setlist forum, because they will get somewhat lost in the General forum over the time.

                Personally I like to look up older setlists from time to time (it’s a shame that Dampbasa is not maintained any longer!)


                  See, I just posted a default thread about Malmø last night. I started the topic in the setlist forum but it shows up in the general discussion folder as well as in the setlist folder. So the subforums seem to be indeed filters as long as the thread is being started in the appropriate subforum.

                  But I agree with you, Be! A good setlist/gigs documention that will be accessible in the future is desperately needed and in fact I am working on a solution to that by picking up the work again on the MP concert chronology which I began in 2006 but abandoned in 2007.


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