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      just arrived at home from the last gig in germany for this tour at this fuckin’ weird son of a bunker club Uebel & Gefährlich.

      2,5 hours of groovy loud space set

      sideway spiral

      wearing your smell

      the ace

      little lucid moments

      mad sun


      plan #1

      chien/ k9

      greener > sparks > mountain

      gullible’s travails

      between plan#1 and chien they seemed to start with 577 (i’m not that sure) after some guitar tuning by snah. but after some tunes of a possible intro to 577 they breaked, snah changed guitars and they started an incredible chien d’espace. for the first encore bent came back on stage and said “we needed a little break after that…”

      amazing how groovy they stay even in the heaviest noise. maybe groovy is the new loud.

      very very powerfull concert again.

      in alex’ words: still motorpsyched again…

      Great King Rat

        Unbelievable! What a setlist – again! And I missed it (like all the other concerts this tour) ’cause I’m in the middle of my fucking exams!

        And then this: WEARING YOUR SMELL!!! I don’t believe it… One of my absolute favs, and the one I haven’t seen in 20 MP shows since `99! Bloody fucking hell! I reckon that was my last chance to hear it since I can’t go to Oya… Oh, cruel world! :(

        Anyway, I hope all of you who went had a brilliant night, I envy you so much…


          llm, plan, mountain, starhammer, chien and gullible! massive. and then spiced up with the ace, mad sun and wearing yr smell?!? another one to miss.


            Yep, a very good gig. For me maybe even better than Bremen although the Chien version in Bremen was somewhat hotter.

            Really nice to hear wearing yr smell, although Bent’s singing wasn’t all the best on this one. Somewhat sloppy version.

            LLM featured an extra jam near the end which made it even longer. At first I thought it a bit strange to jam inside a “song” that is already over 20 minutes in it’s original form and quite “jammy” by itself, but it worked quite well.

            Very good and hard Mountain.

            I had the 577-impression mentioned above (because Kenneth was playing something that resembeld the keyboard sound), too, but I don’t think it was written on the setlists and Kenneth played something similar on his synth during the Chien Jam. So maybe it was wishful thinking.

            The Other Fool was the last song written on the setlist and GT was supposed to be earlier in the set. They changed that, maybe because they were already playing that long.

            Annoying fire alarm during the first encore in the back of the venue. Took them ages to shut it down. Fortunately the first encore was loud :-)

            Very good sound and a very good audience.


              Wow, great setlist, hugely different from Leipzig!

              although Bent’s singing wasn’t all the best on this one

              Well, BIG SURPRISE :lol:


                yes, it just felt like 8 songs in two and a half hours.

                unfortunately they cancelled the other other fool as BE mentioned.

                (@BE i guess you meant that and not the other fool of LTEC; where was GT scheduled according to the setlist?)

                finally with the other other fool – together with the Bremen show, which still is the best show of the past five years i attended to – all my modest expectations for songs i wanted to witness during this tour would have been complied.

                there were times where they probably were more dynamic between quiet and loud with all that progression and degression in their live versions. but – never mind – they maybe never were more pushing, propelling, powerful with all the buoyancy of heavy jazz rock than in these days of the current tour.

                beyond controversy they are on another top of their work. and there were many others before and will be some in future. i love motorpsycho (feels good to feel this again…).

                i’m curious about their next release, maybe Roadwork Vol. IV – Motorpsycho perfoming Thimothy’s Monster, maybe a more 60s influenced short track album like their recent single the visitant, maybe something completely different.





                  Great King Rat

                    Any chance of a recording?


                      A review in Welt online (German).


                        it’s a bit of a shame that kenneth’s face is covered by cymbals. shy guy?


                          It is. I had a very good view of the band both in Vera and AB, but never really got more than a glimpse of Kenneth.


                          I was glad to have a closer view in both Heidelberg and Hamburg, taking advantage of having insanely many shows for a last time for some time this time ;-) Like this I could see that they intendet to go from Plan #1 into Chien directly, but Snah (too much wine…?) did not wanna take the appropiate guitar from Tosh they guitar tech; himself starting to be a little annoyed the longer Snah tried to de-tune his six string; not making it in the end but smiling happy with the correct tuning when finally accepting the offered instrument: like a little boy who won’t listen ;p During the concert I actually had the feeling that Bent felt a little uncomfortable with this situation and needed to clear up something; but this could have just been in my mind!

                          A satisfying last show for me on the tour (hard to imagine after the brilliance Leipzig!!) with some incredible part towards the end of LLM, a boneshaking Chien and a dezibelmassage for my entire blood cells being first row: got my dosis, need my next one soon I’m afraid…

                          Greetings to the magic bus crew and all relaxed-but-passionated psychonauts. See you in spring 2011?!


                            dezibelmassage is a good word. to me the sound wasn’t that good there. (i got the same impression in last years november there, where i couldn’t get into the groove of it).

                            i don’t like it there. don’t like that self-made-pa, sound is disgusting. don’t like the room with it’s accoustic conditions, too much reflections causes catastrophe of resonance especially in the high mids.

                            the FABRIK was the better venue for motorpsycho. hopefully the play another venue in hamburg again next time. GRUENSPAN or even better MARKTHALLE would be nice too. what else. but please not the Uebel & Gefährlich again…


                              are there anymore pics available?

                              there’s a guy who’s looking for some for his review at

                              contact him at myspace.

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