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      String of Stroops var vel klubben Effenaar sin utgivelse. De har gitt ut ting før og da de valgt å feire sin 40 års dag på den måten er vel opp til klubben og ikke bandet. Toys var faktis en benefit for Sorgenfri og låta ble vel gitt ut på igjen.

      men som jeg har sagt før Record collectors are pretensious assholes…


      tidligere kompletist men er blitt bedre på gamledagene. livet består av så mye annet.. :MPD:


        Enig..Livet bestÃ¥r av nesten bare andre ting en Ã¥ samle skiver. 8O..Lenge siden jeg ogsÃ¥ var kompletist….Men akkurat dem limiterte tinga er coolt Ã¥ ha pluss jeg syntes det er fair Ã¥ gi alle hardcore fans i verden samme mulighet til Ã¥ skaffe seg ting….Særlig nÃ¥r bandet reagerer sÃ¥ sterkt pÃ¥ høye priser.. Du og jeg fÃ¥r tak i nesten det vi vi..SÃ¥ ingen problem..Men kjipt for fans i Japan osv…

        Krist Rampage

          @Kjellepelle: Why so unkind? I did not say MP did anything wrong, i simply did not have the money to buy it at the time, that's all. So, not everybody interested got a copy.


            @Krist Rampage; It was not my intention to be unkind, just this was the intention for the project. The band wanted it out of the system so this is how they did it. We got the opportunity to order in advance and if we didnt then we didnt.

            But then there is always somebody that gonna be unhappy about something, if MP should decide to re-release the Motpnakotic Fragments in one way or another, there is bound to be somebody that complain about that as well. oh well……

            If you want to be a completeist, be my guest but I will never use insane amount of money to complete my collection, life to short..

              But then there is always somebody that gonna be unhappy about something,

              very true.

              I'm a bit surprised how the band underestimated the demand, because MP fans are officially nuts :D . Them taking care of it through repressing and ordering option (while being busy on the road) is nothing less than supercool. I'm happy to get the 12", if for whatever reason not, so be it. Generally I find that any artist is and shall be free to do whatever they find just for themselves. Ltd editions, vinyl only, not releasing anything at all, and so on… Btw they already spoiled us with opening their vaults with the DB, TM & Blissard releases. Only bummer is not getting DVD releases of those unique TM and DB and Unicorn shows. But… as said… so be it. :)

                Only bummer is not getting DVD releases of those unique TM and DB and Unicorn shows

                Well we'll never know, I thought that a re-issue of Demon Box would never happen, So right was I. But I'm not holding my breath, I just keep wishing :roll:.


                I must confess I don't understand the following dilemma:

                a master piece of some kind is created and published after many, many years of hard and dedicated work and experience.

                However, now – author's only concern is to limit distribution of the very creation.

                Can, some creative soul, explain the logic behind this strange logic?


                  C'mon boys and girls, share some pics of the nu stuff with us.

                  What do we have so far? Caps, mugs, shirts, buttons.

                  What more? Posters? Scarfs? Marbles? Towels? Patches?



                    OK folks, here are some snapshots of merchandise (made in Hanover):


                    pricelist (EURO)



                    with the merch man (wearing a Mogwai shirt, probably not for sale).


                    yellow one is a kids shirt "3-4 years"


                    totebag (white bat print on back side)


                    button set


                    stickers (ca. 10cm wide)

                    So, welcome to the batland! :mrgreen:

                    btw: There was a poster on the list, but I didn't spot it on the table and forgot to ask. Anyone else? Maybe the HBM2 artwork?


                    Thanx for the pics.

                    Do they sell the black "scientist" shirt?

                    I need one!


                      So is the Single the : Here Be Monsters Volume !2! ???

                      For 8 euro that would be great …!

                      boomer former helm

                        no, i don't think so. this will be the spin spin spin single i guess.


                          HBM2 is an LP.


                          What about the shirt? Is it available on tour?

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