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      Yeah, and how about some Dog wear? Norwegian pullovers with the bat on the back?

      Would be nice for my avatar…LOL…no sorry, but there's simply a complete downer for

      bigger sizes, not only shirts, but the sticer size of 10 cm is way tooo small. Need sth.

      for my car…1 meter wide and 20 cm in height. That would be really cool…


      I go for the stickers then, don't have much money to buy the rest


      …and that 12" inch monsters ep. If it ain't sold out already :?


      Just a cute lil observation I made while laying my latest MP-shirt in the mp-department of my closet… :D

      The white shirt with the black 2/3 sleeves (and the stage backdrop on it) actually says: BE HERE MONSTERS instead of HERE BE MONSTERS.

      So no warning, but more of a wish. "Please, be here monsters".

      I like that! Of course….


      boomer former helm

        yesterday a t-shirt with the twins from love cult showed up.


        Nijmegen NL merch (sorry, took a quick phone shot) HERE


        In Utrecht there was also child of the future, don't see it anymore.. already sold out??


          How much is the Here Be Monsters II LP?


            @pfnuesel, the LP is 20 euro if you buy it on the tour.


              In Fribourg two days ago there were COTFs on the table.


                But no mugs :( or I didn't look right.


                Hm … just wanted to order the Here Be Monsters Vol. 2 record at Stickman but it says: out of stock. How can it be out of stock if they aren't pressed yet? Crazy. It says orders must be placed until the 14.5. and then they will be pressed.


                  @Arturo Bandini, Stickman probably got an certain amount of vinyls and they've reached that… But you can still order it on the MP shop. But it's quiet expensive over there :s


                    @Arturo: I'd say this must be an error. It is supposed to be available for order until May 14. Try send them an email about it.

                    Krist Rampage


                      IMPORTANT UPDATE 12/05/16: The LPs are already making their way to us and to the band, and we have sold out from our end. However, the album can still be ordered from the band’s website ( until May 14th, so please redirect your orders there. Thank you

                      Strange. I am glad i was able to buy it at the Vera show. What i also found quite strange was that they didn't sell the HBM lp at the show. I already own it but a friend of mine who was with me was really looking forward to buying it at the show. He was very disapointed which i understand.

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                    …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994