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    Vegard B. Havdal

        That is awesome! Also, the “ray gun in the swan”-part I never could hear on record.. Weird line though.

        Anyway, those of you with the vinyl, what does it say just above “Fruit”? Looks like a gravestone or someting, there’s a bit of text in it.


        translation? – please!


          It says “Heavy Metal Fruit”, but mirrored.


            love that sketch drawing print original thingy.

            and like always: translation pleeeeeeease!


            My attempt at translation:


            The Vinyl Record: A True Piece Of Art.

            Little messages carved into the blank field on singles and LP-records, is an old and good tradition. The mastering expert Georg Peckham for example, used to sign his many pressings of legendary punk- and new wave records in the 70’s & 80’s with “A Porky Prime Cut”.

            But you’ve likely never seen anything similar to this: an entire LP-side used for a piece of art pressed in Vinyl.

            It’s signed by the multiartist Kim Hiorthøy, and is to be found on Side 1 on Motorpsychos “Heavy Metal Fruit”.

            Kim’s colleague, Sven Ove Bakke, has allready rolled a five for the music, but this is about the record itself. Next to the double vinyl edition, wich sound awesome, packed in a trippel fold-out cover with Hiørthøy-design with metallprinting and generally good stuff, it offers something you’ve rarely seen before: A beautiful vinyl-printing on the entire first side. This side should, in other words not be attempted to be played.

            To take good pictures of a blank, black vinyl is a nightmare because of all the reflections, but this is how the PDF-edition of Hiorthøys illustration looks like:


            There’s not many record-companies that would use so much money on something like this. But this small Norwegian company “Rune Grammofon”, run by Rune Kristoffersen does exactly that.

            Music fans in my age might remember him as the co-founder of the 80’s band “Fra Lippo Lippi”

            Rune has built up an eclectic quality catalog with artists like Motorpsycho, Supersilent, Susanna & The Magical Orchestra and The Low Frequency In Stereo.

            The releases are well produced, with the multitalent Hiørthøy as the house designer. this going for the vinyl releases especially, in quality pressing on audiofil 180 grams vinyl, with extended cover sleeves. Here’s someone who still cares about the record as an item.

            And just that is very clear with the newest release “Heavy Metal Fruit”

            **Update: Alerted readers on Twitter has made me aware that Motorpsycho/Hiørthøy did something similar with “Timothy’s Monter” in 1994. I only have that on CD, so i hope i’m forgiven.

            In the comment section below people also mention that something similar was on the Tussler LP.

            Hope this translation was understandable :)

            *edited for spelling errors(the ones i found anyway)


              there many other examples for etched vinyls….

              one sigur ros ep and the last shrinebuilder album….for example…


                thanks el siesta.

                Phoots Flower

                  I have arrived late. the link no longer works
                  Could someone help to get the illustration?

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