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    Could anyone give me the tabs for Hyena? My band have been asked to play on the student radio on our school and we would like to do that one :)

    Thanks in advance


      Hm, I gave it a go:

      (guitar on top, bass under)

      Intro chords = verse chords


      D Bm

      I know I heard yesterday, still can't believe that it's true

      D G

      D G Bm

      I know I heard yesterday, do you think she knows what to do

      D C B

      D Bm

      I know I was shocked, I was stunned, I don't know what to say

      D B

      A G D

      I'll still be hanging here all day, anyway

      B A G


      G Bm A (quick A)

      And all her friends, they tell her she'll be better off without him

      G B A

      G Bm A

      I heard that he's been fooling round with every single tramp in town

      G B A

      D Bm

      But now that he's gone and it seems like he's gone to stay

      D C# C B

      A G D

      she might be tempted to look my way

      B A G

      Of course, they don't play the chords straight like this (there are some Dsus2 and Dsus4s in the verses for example), and some of them might be flat out wrong, but I guess it'll give you an idea.

      If someone wants to correct or add to this, please do!

      edit: formatting is a bitch, you'll have to figure the tempo out yourself, sorry

      edit2: added bass!

      edit3: good luck!

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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