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    Hi there, I am new in this forum.

    Can anyone help me to find decent live recordings (non-torrent) of the band?

    Maybe from recent shows?



      Welcome to the MP forum! You might want to consider joining Motortrades, the MP trading community. However, I think even the last trader to swap actual CD-Rs has advanced to torrents in the meantime. And really, there is no reason to not do that! :-)



      Thank you for the hint. Actually I can’t use torrents, because I only own a company notebook, and if somebody finds traces or I get a virus or…. I might be in trouble…

      On the other hand unfortunately I do not have so much to trade with, because I only have some of the official albums. You get my problem…


        All the recent shows have also been uploaded to dime (dimeadozen.org). Of course, that’s a torrent site as well, so I guess it’s no more use than Motortrades.


        heyhey joe

        Send me your snail mail address (jazznik@gmail.com) and I’ll send of a set of recordings I found when moving houses. Now that the torrent tracker is up, they have become redundant.




        Hey Jazznik,

        had been gone travelling for a while – arrived home yesterday and what did I found? A bunch of DVD’s loaded with music!

        Thank you so much for that!!! I was really amazed !!!


        I would be happy to set up a send to anyone looking. If you have a specific show I would be happy to send it along. I’ve just come out of a rather bad year-and-a-half but I’m up and about again. I owe some people for their kindness and care and passing on the sounds is one way to payback. Again, if I owe you plaese let me know so I can make good.


        Jeff C. (Seattle Psychonaut)

        np: TM 0 (AWESOME)

      Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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