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    that i hate this band, not only because they suck ass juices from elderly ladies, but also because they suck live. Everything about the band sucks, the writing the “depth”; or lack thereof- of the lyrics, the constant nudling wich never goes anywhere. Bents tantrums during gigs(wtf, leave those drunk kids alone you party pooping assmaggot of a dramaqueen) and about everything else they stand for.

    I could go on, AND I FUCKING WILL!

    Those fucking boring covers(Cum gjort-h0y go fuck a sink, bastard! And stop bothering the whole and complete universe with your total and epic lack of talent.) I once had a dog named Bent, i had to weld its asshole shut, it was fucking shitting all over my lawn, like your doing with this crap someone, somewhere, deep in an obscure valley in NoRway call music.

    And yea i will not come back here and read your pathetic replies, you low life bastards. However i will burn this new copy of “child of the troubled past” onto a dvd and play it all fucking day with no volume. ROCK ON BITCHES.

    And yea everyone in the band are puny girls, love the Jolly locks.


    Hope some admin removes this idiotic attention topic soon.


      HAHA, charming kid, this geitkveit-bent!

      I know it probalbly would be wise to leave this thread alone, but I just wondered; what´s the point being a troll if “i will not come back here and read your pathetic replies”

      Isn´t a troll supposed to stir things up a bit

      (then we´ll hit the ignore button, and you´ll be having fun wasting nobody but yr own time)



        Haha! Just one remark: You said you had to weld your Bent dog’s asshole shut. Are you

        sure it wasn’t because you couldn’t stop sodomizing it? 8O


          This is fantastic!

          Just a tip for forum-trolling though: Try to tone it down a bit, otherwise people won’t take you seriously. This one is far too extreme to be believable. +1 for effort, -1 for execution :)


            Funny. For a guy who hates the band, you seem to know an awful lot about them :)


            I will advice you to use your energy on something else. What about some music you actually like? I have never used my time writing shit about music I dislike. Get a life!


            I would just like to say that you shut the fuck up! :finger:


            i knew a daniel near basel – but this cannot be you due to too rough language. otherwise a funny thing to read, if written in a more subtle way no doubt funny to read even as a fan :mrgreen:


              Idiot of the future?It’s sooo easy to spread shit in this way, if you don’t have nothing better to do… who the fuck is him? Why he’s got so much time to ‘waste’ in here? Probably his girlfriend is now s***ing some norwegian c**ks, and he’s trying to get his revenge. I wonder if he’s happy now, proud and excited… one inch man, show us your ass…pardon your face!That’s in fact the same thing. Nice useless thread, anyway!

              See you guys in Koeln on 6.11 and later in Bologna and maybe somewhere else too!


              Don’t feed the troll! ;)


              yeah, just delete this shit.


              A dog named Bent? Now he must be/have been a fan to name your dog after a bandmember. I should know, I used to have a cat called Beefheart.

              So what made this troll turn off? Maybe his propensity towards Dire Straits and Engelbert Humperdinck came back. Maybe Bent said something nasty to him when he was drunk and being a nuisance at a gig, and now he’s hurt. Maybe he thought that they wrote songs especially about/for him and now it finally clicked that this only happens in his own imagination. I know, he’s just pissed off because his own band sucks so hard and Motorpsycho is so cool.

              Whatever it is: don’t bother us, we don’t care. We don’t come to you with our problems now, do we? No, we don’t. So just curl back up under that stone you crawled from under and leave us alone.



              edit: I seem to have momentarily lost my sense of humour again, sorry for all the vitriol.


              sorry, I’m usually not like this but this had to be!


                Thumbs up The one…..etc :)

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