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    If you could make a Motorpsycho Anthology album what would be your tracklist?

    For the purpose of this thread it has to be 2CD and the time length of each disc can range from anywhere just short of 60 minutes to just short of 80 minutes.


    A similar thread has already been discussed here but the final product ended up as a extended (and excellent) 4CD compilation.

    A 2CD compilation would be a breeding ground for some interesting discussions, suggestions, fistfights and broking hearts but the end result nevertheless turn out incomplete because of the fast amount of excellent songs our Norwegian friends have recorded.

    I bet you can fill three or four 2CD’s that are equally compatible.

    Well, back in 1977 NASA launched Voyager 1 and included 2 Voyager golden records with only 27 compositions.

    If NASA can make a selection so can we :!:

    Good luck



    My inspiration, besides Motorpsycho being a new favorite band that I just started getting into this year, is that a forum that I regularly post on is doing a Fan-made “BEST OF” PROJECT — All are welcome! Pick your band, make your own Best Of or Anthology! The rules I picked for this thread are their rules

    The thread that you mentioned is helpful and so is this thread about “your all time favorite MS track”.

    But if you all would like to give the 2CD anthology challenge a try, please go ahead even if there was a similar post. Not enough people tried in that post anyways :)


    Well, being the Neil Young fanatic I am, I made two playlists a couple of days ago. The first is called – (minus) and the second is called + (plus), it’s basically chilled acoustic vs the more heavy stuff. I hope you’ll enjoy it, even if it’s awfully OT. I’ve attempted to make several MP playlists, but it’s darn difficult. Now I’m listening to

    1. Plan #1

    2. Sterling Says

    3. True Middle

    in the spirit of Matt Burt!





      And now it has become increasingly harder to make an MP playlist in Spotify, because quite a few of their albums have now been removed (with the exception of the Voices material and the newest Rune stuff)


      When I was REALLY getting into MP and work was getting tough to stay at and my marriage was falling apart I listened to almost nothing but MP. And I found at work this mix disc I made finding it’s way into the player time and again. I don’t claim it as an “Anthology” and it’s pre-Kenneth, but here it is.

      1. One More Saturday Night

      2. What If…

      3. Theme De Yo Yo

      4. One More Daemon

      5. B.S.

      6. Landslide

      7. You Lied

      8. Heart Attack Mac

      9. Step Inside



      12.Have Fun

      13.For Free


      15.Composite Head


      Another comp. When everything really went into chaos I put together a disc. It was labeled “Catharsis” for when I needed my insides torn out.

      1. Vortex Surfer

      2. Manmower

      3. Taifun

      4. Plan #1

      5. True Middle

      6. Fools Gold (Rockefeller ’96 version)

      7. Giftland

      Jesus, what a Heart Trip.


      I’m going to try to listen to every motorpsycho song I own this labor day weekend and come back with a list shortly



      Disc 1 – Motorpop (stream it)

      1. Nature's Way (Various Gamle Moder Jord 1996)

      2. The Nerve Tattoo (Blissard 1995)

      3. Waiting for the One (Demon Box 1993)

      4. Hyena (Black Hole/Blank Canvas 2006)

      5. In the Family (Angels and Daemons at Play 1997)

      6. Hey Jane (Hey Jane EP 1998)

      7. Junior (Demon Box 1993)

      8. That Ol' White Line (Motorpsycho Presents… International Tussler Society 2005)

      9. The Other Fool (Let Them Eat Cake 2000)

      10. President Block (Wearing Yr Smell EP 1994)

      11. Star Dancer vs Car Cancer (Various Mot riving 1996)

      12. Custer's Last Stand (One More Daemon) | (It's a Love Cult 2002)

      13. Pills, Powders and Passion Plays (Angels and Daemons at Play 1997)

      14. Celestine (Hey Jane EP 1996)

      15. Serpentine (Serpentine EP 2003)

      16. Walking on the Water (Angels and Daemons at Play 1997)

      17. Wearing Yr Smell (Timothy's Monster 1994)

      18. Manmower (Blissard 1995)

      19. Before the Flood (Black Hole/Blank Canvas 2006)

      Disc 2 – Motorepic (stream it)

      1. Psychonaut (Trust Us 1998)

      2. Lighthouse Girl (8 Soothing Songs for Rut 1992)

      3. Whip That Ghost (Song for a Bro') | (Let Them Eat Cake 2000)

      4. 577 (Trust Us 1998)

      5. Kill Some Day (Timothy's Monster 1994)

      6. Triggerman (Black Hole/Blank Canvas 2006)

      7. Vortex Surfer (Trust Us 1998)

      8. Grindstone (alternate ending) | (Timothy's Monster Deluxe Edition 2010)

      9. The Golden Core (Timothy's Monster 1994)

      10. Cassie (Call on Me) | (Motorpsycho Presents… International Tussler Society 2005)


      and if I had to add two more discs to my "best of":

      Disc 3 – MotorPsych (stream it)

      1. Feel (Timothy's Monster 1994)

      2. Watersound (Timothy's Monster 1994)

      3. Sancho Says (Black Hole/Blank Canvas 2006)

      4. Blindfolded (Phanerothyme 2001)

      5. On My Pillow (Timothy's Monster 1994)

      6. Pale Day (The Nerve Tattoo EP 1995)

      7. Close Your Eyes (Heavy Metal Fruit 2010)

      8. Mr. Butterclut Goes To The Fair, Meets The Viscount, And That's Where We Leave Him At The End Of This Episode… (Timothy's Monster Deluxe Edition 2010)

      9. Snafu (Serpentine EP 2003)

      10. The Slow Phaseout (Phanerothyme 2001)

      11. The Ozzylot (Hidden in a Girl) | (Child of the Future 2009)

      12. Abendspaziergang (Walkin' With J EP 1999)

      13. Sideway Spiral, Pt. 1 (Angels and Daemons at Play 1997)

      14. KR-3 (Walkin' With J EP 1999)

      15. Tuesday Morning (Demon Box 1993)

      16. Timothy in the Magic City (Various We'll sail out far…maybe a little too far… 1997)

      17. 30/30 (Let Them Eat Cake 2000)

      18. Mad Sun (The Nerve Tattoo EP 1995)

      19. The 29th Bulletin (Black Hole/Blank Canvas 2006)

      Disc 4 – Motorrock (stream it)

      1. Some Real Mindfuck (3 Songs for Rut Single 1992)

      2. Babylon (Demon Box 1993)

      3. Plan #1 (Demon Box 1993)

      4. Fleshharrower (Mountain EP 1993)

      5. Another Ugly Tune (Another Ugly EP 1994)

      6. Sterling Says (Manmower EP 1995)

      7. Flick of the Wrist (Starmelt EP 1997)

      8. Glow (Barracuda EP 1999)

      9. Mantrick Muffin Stomp (Trust Us 1998)

      10. No Evil (Black Hole/Blank Canvas 2006)

      11. Illinois (The Tussler 2003 remaster)

      12. The Alchemyst (Little Lucid Moments 2008)

      13. W.B.A.T. (Heavy Metal Fruit 2010)


      Wow, great list and front-cover!

      Just love it that you created the Anthology on Grooveshark!


      I will listen to it in the next few days (and days after) & in the mean time create my own 4CD compilation tracklist on Grooveshark.

      Thanks for the effort!



        great job and thanks for sharing! I think i've never heard Nature's way before. :-)


          did you master this stuff somehow? or is my record player setup so weak? i wonder because…. maybe it's my pc set up with the tannoy speakers, here I hear things and frequencies I haven't heard before. especially in Lighthouse Girl 8O


          I'm not supposed to admit it for legality purposes but I jacked up the volume on lots of the songs (basic mp3 gain or amplify in Audacity). I used a brickwall limiter (Aradaz MAximizer 5 – a VST plugin for Audacity) to jack up the volume on songs where some parts are a lot quieter than other parts – just so that I could make the quiet parts a little bit louder (but not too loud).

          If you worked with Audacity before you would understand that amplifying the volume will only allow you to go as high as the tallest sound wave in the song – anything higher would cut that sound wave up. That's when you have to use a brickwall limiter to keep boosting the volume of parts of a song without clipping the loudest parts of the song. But for all intents and purposes the quiet parts are quieter for a reason – I don't overdo using the brickwall limiter.

          I also cut off the end of Lighthouse Girl just so that Disc 2 would fit under 80 minutes for a burnable cd. I cut off the silent parts at the end of a few other songs as well. For instance, on my mp3 version of Disc 3, 30/30 flows directly into Mad Sun with no transition. (I probably should of jacked up the volume of mad sun more-so though). Anyways, I fiddled around with the volume of my uploaded .mp3s because when I burn these discs for the car I don't want to have to mess around with the volume knob while I'm driving. I rather all the songs be approximately the same loudness (with the exception of Motorpsycho's intentional quiet parts which I didn't change too much).


          some days Grooveshark works flawlessly but some days it loads really slow for no good reason



          A Young Persons Guide to Motorpsycho

          Disc 1 Listen here

          01. Feel – Timothy’s Monster (1994)

          02. Plan #1 – Demon Box (1993)

          03. 577 – Trust Us (1998)

          04. Critical Mass – Black Hole / Blank Canvas (2005)

          05. Superstooge – Trust Us (1998)

          06. Rattlesnake – Barracuda (2001)

          07. Watersound – Timothy’s Monster (1994)

          08. The Other Fool – Let Them Eat Cake (1999)

          09. Starmelt / Lovelight – Live in Bremen recording(2002)

          10. Psychonaut – Trust Us (1998)

          11. Year Zero (A Damage Report) – Little Lucid Moments (2008)

          12. Sideway Spiral I – Angels and Daemons at Play (1997)

          Disc 2 Listen here

          01. Ozone – Trust Us (1998)

          02. No evil – Black Hole / Blank Canvas (2005)

          03. True Middle – Blissard (1996)

          04. Sinful, Wind-borne – Blissard (1996)

          05. Walking on the Water – Angels and Daemons at Play (1997)

          06. Un Chien d’Espace – Angels and Daemons at Play (1997)

          07. Suite: Little Lucid Moments – Little Lucid Moments (2008)

          08. Hey, Jane – Trust Us (1998)

          09. Whip That Ghost – Let Them Eat Cake (1999)

          10. Bedroom Eyes – Phanerothyme (2001)

          Disc 3 Listen here

          01. Greener – Blissard (1996)

          02. ‘s Numbness – Blissard (1996)

          03. Nothing To Say – Demon Box (1993)

          04. Bombay Brassière – In the Fishtank (2002)

          05. The Golden Core – Timothy’s Monster (1994)

          06. Of Beacons & Beams – The Nerve Tattoo ep (1996)

          07. Mad Sun – The Nerve Tattoo ep (1996)

          08. Go To California – Phanerothyme (2001)

          09. Upstairs-Downstairs – Let Them Eat Cake (1999)

          10. Serpentine – It’s a Love Cult (2002)

          11. Stained Glass – Live in Bremen recording(2002)

          Disc 4 Listen here

          01. Wearing yr Smell – Timothy’s Monster (1994)

          02. Mantrick Muffin Stomp – Trust Us (1998)

          03. The Other Other Fool – Roadwork vol.1 (1999)

          04. Manmower – Blissard (1996)

          05. Sonnyboy Gaybar – The Tussler (1994/2003)

          06. Pills, Powders and Passion Plays – In the Fishtank (2002)

          07. Kill Devil Hills – Black Hole / Blank Canvas (2005)

          08. Bonny Lee – Hyena/Bonny Lee promo (2006)

          09. Gullible’s Travails (pt. I – IV) – Heavy Metal Fruit (2009)

          10. Vortex surfer – Trust Us (1998)


          (note: 1 error on the back-cover, Sinful Wind-borne on Disc 2 is the studio version and not a live version)

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