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    Hello! I have just done an interview (in Norwegian) with Bent on Check it out here:


    Fantastic interview! Great, long questions, and really interesting answers. Liked the discussion of resting-records and genres.

    Who is Skjegg1 and who is Skjegg2? :)

    This interview beats mainstream vg/db any day!

    And I didn't know they had a website coming! with video!


    Thank you Onkel!

    We're just a couple of rock and metal fans trying to give other fans good and entertaining stuff to read. We don't wanna be journalists, just blokes who writes about stuff we like!

    Glad you liked it!


      I like interviews like these, where it isn't all about promo or the latest record, but more of a conversation between the journo and the artist. Great interview!


      Here is our review of the album (also in Norwegian):


        Ah, I wish this was in English. my Norwegian knowledge isnt enough to understand more than perhaps 20% of it, and Google Translate isnt really comprehensible. Seems very interesting from what I can gather, though.


          Gotta point out that it's Reine Fiske that's playing the solo on "The Magic & the Wonder". Reading the review, it could seem like you're crediting Snah for the wonderful solo on this track.


          Thanks for the info GBD. Updated the article with a little duck reference!

        Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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