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    Short question:

    What would be the best album to give a young person at Christmas for an introduction into the Motorpsycho world?

    Long question:

    I'm thinking of giving 2 persons one of the Motorpsycho albums for Christmas. I guess you have to take into consideration of their music taste before you give them a whole album, as I’m in the Norwegian generation that never listen to whole albums, also born in the early 90th so we've never heard about MP, until discover this marvelous world of music later on in life.

    The first, she likes bluesrock and stonerrock, and actully listen to albums and vinyls.

    The second likes more of the harder/metal stuff of the music now adays. But she did join me at the concert at Konserthuset back in September. Her mind was blown of how good it was, so i think i gave birth to a new psychonaut at that concert :D

    but she has asked me for more to listen too.

    I'm thinking il just give them Blissard, as i find that is the best album to springboard onto the other albums, i think timothys would be kind of too hard to understand? Or should I just give e'm Supersonic Scientists? Or make a Spotify playlist, but Blissard isn’t there 

    What would you give to new person as a introduction for MP?


      I would suggest The Tower for the first person. Some songs on that album sounds a bit stoner-ish.

      And the second person Demon Box (there are some pretty heavy songs on it) or maybe Angels and Daemons at Play.

      You can always buy Motorpsycho – Supersonic Scientists, that's a compilation album – a good starting point for new Psychonauts.


      I'm quite sure Blissard is in spotify… everything from Motorpsycho is in Spotify.

      Start with Angels and Daemons for both: Un Chien d'Espace can NEVER fail.


        As totally uncool as it may be (yawn…), this one even says it:



          and then they can indulge themselves into the proper albums according to taste.


            I dont think I would care to much about their previous preferences, as motorpsycho wont fit in anyways. Go for the best.

            Give them both Trust Us and or Blissard. They are both, as we all know, two solid, diverse but coherent, albums. And, in the lack of a better word, very motorpsycho-ish. Also from what you describe very far away from their musical taste of today, so they might not have to much to compare them to… It will the best gift ever :D

            Personally i dont think SS has the best selection of songs for a starter. Great liner notes though.


            Supernaut is right, but according to taste: Child Of The Future for the first one, HMF for the second.


            I'd say that depends heavily on the taste of the person you want to inaugurate. Whenever I try to get people into MP, I'll always evaluate their taste and recommend an album that I deem appropriate for them. So the entry into the MP catalogue is always somewhere else.

            For example, I once made a compilation for someone on 4 CDs, roughly categorizing into 4 parts – Mellow, Pop/Jazzy, Rock and Psychedelic. For that person, the order was perfect, starting with the more mellow stuff and slowly progressing into the far out psychedelic realms.

            However, generally I like to introduce them with LLM. I think the Supersonic Scientists should be a good overview as well.


              I introduce others by taking them to a gig. :P


                For "mainstream rock fans" I'd suggest Behind The Sun because it shows a broad range of songs/sounds and is so well produced. The Tower is pretty heavy and might fit for the second friend, especially since she knows some of the material. But if she was already blown away live – why not give her RW1?! That's how I cought newbies if no concert was near ;-)

                Heavy Metal Fruit is also a very good starting point, for both of them. (I would not give COTF as a first due to the minor sound quality). If they are open for the rough start, Demon Box is of course a real challenging experience 8-]


                @Tomcat: true.


                  Never mind the album, just give them Neverland.


                    I'd go for Heavy Metal Fruit and The Tower for both of them. HMF did the trick for me, back when I was heavily into prog rock, so if HMF is able to convert me to more stoner stuff, it DOES the trick :-) HMF got me more and more into stoner so I'm quite (very much actually) excited by The Tower as well. Some heay riffage in both (Bartok, Dream Home, WBAT, X-3, Starhammer, I could just name all the songs…)


                      Definitely something from the 90s, personally I feel that the best introduction is A&D, their most diverse yet cohesive effort, where every side of the band at that point is brilliantly shown, fun rock tunes (You Lied), arguably their best ballad (PPP), psychedelic journeys (Un Chien) and crazy heaviness (Heartattack Mac). So I'd choose that for the metal fan at least, for the other one it depends on what you think her reaction to the heavier songs would be, if you think something like H-Mac would be too much then go with Blissard!

                      I would avoid: compilations (just 'cause I hate them haha); anything from the Kenneth era, now we're accustomed to it but it's all pretty far-out for a newbie, I once tried to introduce MP to a prog (metal) fan friend of mine with LLM and it didn't go too well; and Demon Box, as wonderful as it is, because it needs many many listens to be truly appreciated (or at least it did in my case).

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