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    “Colour Haze” is another great band. Stoner, psychedelic, very free-form. Heaviliy recommended for all psychonauts. Their 2007-self titled album is a good starting point. Listen to “Peace, Brothers & Sisters”…i think it’s on their myspace-page


    My past band:

    Stoner-pop-rock, I was the drummer. We’re friends of Colour Haze btw. :)Our little scene in Munich. Another great band from here, more heavy and noisy:

    And my current band:

    We’re just recording our album. The songs on the site are way old and mainly acoustic. We’re coming soon with a full rock-album. :)

    All that stuff and more can be found on , the label of Colour Haze singer Stefan Koglek.

    Mt. Heart Attack

      Hey guys, you really have to check out new Mike Watt’s project “Il sogno del Marinaio” with italian musicians Stefano Pilia e Andrea Belfi. Their album will be out soon I think. Yesterday I went to see them live in Turin and they were really AWESOME (besides, they also played “Anxious Mo-fo”, “Fun House”, “political song for m jackson” & “do you want new wave”! Couldn’t believe it :D). It seemed like a weird melting between Storm & Stress, Matching Mole and cick-ass stuff. have a listen!


        Kashmir are back. New song Mouthful of Wasps on


          Hi you all! I’m just back from the ATP in Minehead, three days of great shows performed by Shellac, Sleepy Sun, Melvins, Mars Volta, J Masics, The Battles and many more …and a perfect ending with LIGHTNING BOLT …epic 8O

          I think you have to check out next spring’s upcoming shows of a great band here:

          …May will be a great month again!!!

          cheers, Andrea


            Superterz got their new one out, it’s called “insomnia”.


            They’re from my hometown and (humble face expression) I played with them a few years ago. Being big fans of Supersilent, they actually never knew about their connection to Motorpsycho. So I gave em that lesson. Now this new record is a manic affair indeed. Orbiting somewhere alongside Supersilent, Tortoise, Burnt Friedman and the like. Mostly quite deconstructed and improvised but still subtle with that certain needed amount of control. Live they’re even weirder as you can see on the myspace site. Dunno if the album is available outside of Switzerland yet, but I think they did approach Rune, but I might be wrong and I dunno what’s happening there.

            Their local label though it’s so babyfresh it’s not even listed yet.


              whole lotta “supers” there. 8O


              For all you living in/near OSLO:

              It seems that AKRON/FAMILY are playing Garage May 1st (only gig in Europe!?)


              I can only recommand these guys, highly talented “hippie-psychedelic-electronic-(s)punkedfolkjazz” ;-)

              Would love to see them over here again, too!


                The new THE BLACK KEYS‘ album “Brothers” (due sometime in May) is simply fantastic! It even surpasses the band’s critically acclaimed “Attack and release” (2008). Just good music: 21st century blues. Check them out:



                My band will finally release our debut-album on Elektrohasch records. You can prelisten to some of the new songs on our myspace-site:


                The Black Keys, great duo, especially in this vid

                Daniel: I like “Kussnacht”, very Motorpsycho-ish ;)


                Thanks, I guess this is the most Motorpsycho-ish song on the album!


                One of my top 3 favorite bands of all time is a 90’s lo-fi band with lots of melody and styles. The singing is great.

                The Grifters

                Disfigurehead – darker, harder

                Founder’s Day Parade – peaceful

                I Arise – psych

                Bummer – poppy, dirty

                Eureka IV – melancholy


                  daniel’s band’s great. only the two of you? if i was living in münchen i would definitely want to join you.

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