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      I read with constancy and pleasure this forum, and I often notice that, among the most "mistreated" songs, there are surprisingly those I love very much. So, a little ironically, I ask if there is anybody out there who loves… (prepare yourself and keep calm, please)…

      – B.S.

      – Hyena

      – With Trixeene…

      – Child of the Future (the song)

      – The Afterglow

      – ASFE

      – The All is One (the song)


      – Neverland (I know, I know… now I'm in danger of being banned. However, I’m not joking…)

      Writing the names of these songs, I realize they are almost all very direct and with an evident melodic power. Some would speak of "pop excesses". Maybe that’s what's bothering you?

      To be honest, I also totally love songs more complex like The Alchemyst, Big Black Dog, Lux Aeterna, Ship of Fools, Gullible's Travails, and so on…

      That’s why I love MP so much. Maybe I’m just lucky.

      It looks like a sort of personal coming-out, but I don't want to make this topic too self-centered, so it may also be the time for someone else to confess their guilty MP pleasures…

      …I confess I feel better now…



        Honestly the only one I don't like on that list is B.S.

        The rest of them are good, some even fantastic.


        Apart from the fact that I love all the Motorpsy albums (;-) and that I follow them from the wonderful demon box, so it's been a few years, and that I have seen them live 16 times … I say that the above mentioned songs are beautiful, and that the pop vein there may be is right and wonderful …. when it comes to motorpsycho, or at least when I talk about it, I don't think of a stylistic, geographical or historical placement, … they are free to be what they are they want .. .they are the motorpsycho and there are only them like that!

        Having said that, I say that "Hyena" is a wonderful direct and engaging song … that emanates an inimitable cheerfulness and lightheartedness!

        … I know that they will continue like this, "free" and joyful, to give us music … music and more music … … Thanks guys


          I have absolutely no problems with Motorpsycho's pop leanings. In fact, it's one of the things that sets them apart from many other bands.

          Out of that list, there are many songs I don't much care for because I either find them somewhat annyoing (Neverland) or just not very good (Trixeene).

          I really, really like Hyena, and I think Child of the Future and ASFE are just fine. The rest I can probably do without. But they are part of the family, and I am not going to disown them entirely…


            Yeah, me too, (except for B.S.) I love to sing along at the top of my voice when these poppy gems come along. I loved it when at the Utrecht gig, was is 2019? Bent anounced Neverland as their least favorite song, and subsequently they played it in a completely "We don't care if you start throwing those eggs and rotten tomatoes now"-way, with Reine singing! Also, as a Dutchman, of course I know it's really: " Come to Netherland"! And I'm gonna put it on right now to celebrate the coming of spring :lol:


              I love Neverland! Mostly, I think, because of the infectious bass line, especially during the chorus. And the groove is off the charts!

              Speaking of Neverland, I like a lot of the less popular songs from Love Cult: Circles, This Otherness and The Mirror and the Lie all have interesting arrangements that hit me very different from most of their other stuff (I still don't like What If…, though). It could be interesting to hear what kind of spin the current lineup might put on these three songs in a live setting, along with Composite Head (which they've NEVER performed live?!).

              I often feel like the odd one out in some of the love/hate discussions in here, as I not only love Neverland, but also Ratcatcher – AND I really enjoy the Unicorn.

              But these are mere quibbles. Here are some opinions that will be truly unpopular, I think:

              – I never listen to Demon Box. Can't entirely explain why, but I guess it's mostly down to the production of it. I really hate the drum sound, for instance.

              – Off The Tower, my least favourite tracks are ASFE, Intrepid Explorer, Ship of Fools and particularily The Cuckoo.

              – I usually skip Lux Aeterna. (Don't know what's going on with Bent's voice, it's so uncharacteristically nasal. And the lyrics just make me cringe)


                I like Hyena so much and am eagerly waiting and hoping for it to come back to the setlists so I can experience it live at last!

                the conscience

                  Is there really anybody out there, who do not LOVE B.S.or/and What If, go searching your heart, put it in place and try it again. :MPD:


                    My tuppenyworth.

                    The Afterglow – an absolute gem including one of Snah's sweetest ever bits of guitar

                    Child of the Future – very uplifting – a great end to a great album

                    ASFE – loved it from first listen, loved it when they opened with it live in London, and its appeal, for me, has outlasted that of some of its more complex bedfellows on The Tower (although I can't understand TAF not going for Ship of Fools, but we're all different!); I really appreciate its energy and directness, and I'll put this out there: is this the most 90s Motorpsycho thing to come out of the Kenneth and Tomas eras?

                    Hyena – also just fine

                    The All Is One – I'm probably with a lot of others on this, judging by comments; on a really very, very good album, it's curious that the title track/opener is so relatively underwhelming; it's overwrought, overlong and not as good as it thinks it is

                    No problems with the others…well, except Neverplayed, but I do like watching the Japanese teenyboppers getting into it!


                      With such a vast catalogue of songs and releases, necessarily some will strike a chord and some will not (pun intended). There are songs I'm lukewarm of, or even skip – but interestingly, what songs those are, tend to change over time, depending on my current mood, state of mind, musical interests et cetera. I suppose most people here feel the same way!

                      However, B.S. is a true gem imo, and anyone who thinks any different probably has a heart of stone :lol:


                        haha I just wanted to post I like all of Paolize's picks except for BS. But I'm löistening to it now for the first time in probably ten years and hey, that's a nice song. I think there are others on Cake/Phano/IALC I would have picked for being not so thrilling. I can spend the rest of my life without ever hearing Go To California again. Excpet for watching the video with band commentary on :lol:

                        ASFE brillllllliant! 6mins of 4/4 meter stomping one way straight ahead. Sucks me right in. Not one (or maybe one?) drum break or fill.

                        Child of the Future, a few months ago I got obsessed with that album. Always liked it but kind of got overlooked over the years. So it was a rediscovery.

                        Hyena is wonderful! That uplifitng energy with the cheekish boymeetsgirl lyric. A celebration of youth naiveté. Could've use more cowbell, though.

                        Trixeene is somewhat vintage MP, even back in 2006, that's why I always liked it.

                        The Afterglow always suprises me. I don't listen to SLWE too often and my brain remembers it as a somewhat of a not so spectacular album closer. But each time I realize it's actually quite grand.

                        Neverland is superb on the 2002 live version on the Haircuts DVD. That Bent/Geb relentless "oooomph!" on the one underneath Snah's furiousity solo? It's a blast!


                          Toundra have Hyena in their top ten Motorpsycho tracks. Interesting reading – I reckon about four would overlap with my top ten:



                            No picks from albums before BHBC though. Kinda odd


                              Very odd indeed


                                He says he got to know them with LLM so not so odd the selections (sticking to that or whatever).

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