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    Wow, cool! Always loved the Jaga + Motorpsycho collaboration.

    boomer former helm

      we will be surpried another time i guess. i like the way the infos arrive. no half year promotion with short clips via youtube and so on… very very nice and relaxed way of acting. cool. only 2 month. unfortunately i am out of europe for 2 months from 4.1. onwards, so i will have to be patient i guess… :?


      Hey everyone, this is my first post. Can’t wait for the new album!

      I’ve been listening to Mp a couple of years, but I don’t know the ‘Close your eyes’ that is discussed.

      A long Floydjam?

      Now I’d like to hear it. Is there any way to hear the 2002(?) version?


      Cool news! really looking foreward to another LLM like suite song.


        Here I uploaded a live version of Close Your Eyes on Megaupload. It’s from Cortemaggiore, 15.11.2002



        Thank you, Be!

        Wow, I didn’t know this song existed. It reminds me of ‘Painting the night unreal’ and some of the long songs on ‘Love cult’, but the improv part goes somewhere darker.

        I’m curious how it will sound in the studio.

        (I hear what people mean about the vocals too, out there. :-))


          A guy from Jaga playing trumpet? Most likely Mathias Eick then.


            this will be great. looking forward to it.


                and it’s Hanne Hukkelberg, not rebekka bakken! and she’s singing on several songs, including a duet with snah…


                  translation (sort of :? )


                    That makes more sense because Bent contributed to Hukkelberg’s previous solo-album, Blood From A Stone.


                    It’s an awesome news!

                    I’m waiting for “befana” the 6th of January… :-)


                    from http://www.stickman-records.de

                    10.11.2009 HEAVY METAL FRUIT

                    Motorpsycho is still travelling across Europe, playing shows and giving interviews. And since word is getting out, we might as well make it official: yes, the title of the upcoming album, scheduled for release on January 15th, 2010, is “Heavy Metal Fruit”. Extra points to those who know what the title is in reference to!

                    :MPD: Fantastic news!


                      From a user on motortrades that had a chat with Bent before the Cologne show:

                      – Heavy Metal fruit: first record MP ever did with a “real” producer who told them what he liked and what they should better leave aside- “It was the first time I defered to someone about my music”

                      – new record is an “exercise in bluntness” – they tried to take rather simple riffs and make something odd out of it, by adding a bar for instance

                      Tthat’s interesting about the producer thing. I wonder how that will affect their music. Maybe Bent isn’t allowed to sing on this one :P

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