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    Was it my bad eyesight, or did I just see Kenneth drumming for Thomas Dybdahl on NRK’s “SommerÃ¥pent”? It was him, was’nt it?


    Yes, that’s correct. Nikolai Eilertsen from the Norwegian “super group” BigBang is also joining the band (bass). I hope this is a “one-night-stand”-thing. Kappstad belongs to Motorpsycho! Yeah!


      Here’s the link ->

      Pretty decent song by Dybdahl by the way..


        Lol@ the ending credits: “Kenneth Knapstad” :lol:


        Well guys, thats why Motorpsycho is still expanding after 20 years. Kapstad is smart enough to keep his projects untouched by the work with Motorpsycho. Check out this Monolithic – Black Science (RoggBif/Vendlus – 2009) and you know what I mean. Stian Westerhus is such an amazing guitar player and I hope the duo will keep on going.Besides that it`s just normal and exciting for musicians to play with other musicians and keep expanding their horizon.

      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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