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        translate! translate! anything about a/the new album?


        It doesnt say anything about the new album, I'm afraid.


          No, it doesn't say anything about the new album in the article.

          BUT: The guy who wrote the article posted the following message on his Twitter:

          "K. Kapstad on the upcoming MP album: A prog-epic. Huge, epic, pompous, monstrous."

            A prog-epic. Huge, epic, pompous, monstrous

            hm, so the same stuff like the last twoandahalf albums then. oh well, it'll be grand as always and thrilling and exciting but… where are the songs? nerve tattoo? starmelt? wearing yr smell? serpentine? I need new motorpsychosongs!


              Well… the last albums with a large portion of "poppier" numbers were BH/BC and IALC… IMO their overall two weakest releases this side of the Millennium. The lads seem to be on a real jamming groove these last few years – let them capitalise on that and release albums that play to their strengths. They'll probably veer more towards shorter, more "focused" songs again later, just let that come when it will. :)

              As my two favourite MP songs are (probably) Un Chien d'Espace and The Wheel, I really don't mind their proggier output lately. :P


              On the Motorpsycho News Facebook page was a comment related to Akane by The Big B. The record is being mixed next month and will not see release before Christmas, but it will be well worth the wait. According to Bent: "This just might be our masterpiece."

              I love their last period and object to the term "jamming" used to describe their mindblowing improvisations. Jams for me never go anywhere. It's just an excuse for the bandmembers to take turns playing an extended solo; fun for the musicians, but mostly boring to an audience. What they are doing now is much closer to jazz improvisation in a rock format; like Cream at their best, most together moments.

              The way the guys in Motorpsycho interrelate with each other, push each other further, actually listen to what the other one is playing and come up with something to go with or counterpoint that, until the music takes over them. They play as a unit, a tight-knit band that refuses to turn to formulas and continues to take risks to get to someplace they have never been before.

              And that's why I respect them and love them so much: because they forge their own path, regardless of what people expect from them. True musicians in service of the music.

              grtz, Thomas

                The record is being mixed next month and will not see release before Christmas, but it will be well worth the wait. According to Bent: "This just might be our masterpiece."

                Hm, then Bent & Snah have different views on when the album's coming out. This is what Snah told a fan after the Kongsberg concert:

                "Met Snah after the Monolithic gig and he told me some news about the new LP. It has four songs, each around 20-min. (Double LP – vinyl only). Will be out later this year. Stian Westerhus and StÃ¥le Storløkken (Supersilent) are both on this record. This was the best they ever had done, he promised." (thanks to Kai for the hot gossip!)


                  LLM with its long songs is to me one of their best albums they've ever done but I really miss the songs. They are masters at songwriting. Or have been once. I absolutely love BH/BC. Kill Devil Hills, Triggerman, Hyena, Sail On, You Lose, The Ace… geez how can one not like this collection of fine rockers?

                  I just hope this new album isn't only impressive and overwhelming at first listen as a lot of "big" art is… sorry for being the sceptical guy. My wish for future shows: 90mins of stretched out impros but also a solid hour of songs songs songs! Sun Sound Pleasure must rule the world again.


                    I agree with those requesting another album of 11-12 SONGS. I play guitar myself, so I do understand Kenneth wants to do what he does best, but to me MP has not been that interesting lately. Don't misunderstand, I enjoy CotF and HMF, but I wish I could go see MP touring a new album and hear riffs, traktorbass and some heavy 4/4 drumming. The same goes for their albums. I want to hear them do something like Blissard again, because that's what comes to my head when I think of MP. It's those albums that got me in to MP. I put on a record by MP because I want to listen to MP and not some balding guest musician from some jazz orchestra play the trumpet, xylophone, theremin or whatever.(If you didn't get it already, I'm not known for being a fan of jazz music) You could say I miss Geb sometimes.

                    That said, I think Kenneth is an outstanding drummer(especially live) and LLM is one of my fav. records from the last ten years. I look forward to the upcoming record and I would never say anything stupid like "Kenneth's influence killed Motorpsycho".


                      LLM is their best album, in competition with Demon Box and Timothy's Monster. Trust Us is just behind.

                      Even though it has only 4 songs it could have been rearranged into 8 songs pretty easily.

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