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    Punj Lizard

      @fco – Yes is just an example. They were the first band I really fell in love with in a big way (back in the 70s), and although they reinvented themselves a few times (not always in ways that I liked :? ), they are for me a perfect contrast to Motorpsycho. I've never been a fan of Tool.

      PS. The Waning (Pt.1) is growing on me more and more. And with there being a full moon right now, it's fair to say, "the waning has begun".


      Love the new single. I don't get the ZZTop comparisons at all. Sounds like classic MP to me. Their melodic taste is what always does it for me both musically and with the voices. The driving sinister pedestrian and robotic beat underlies it beautifully. I do wish the production was less reverby, so I could make out the lyrics better to interpret their social commentary.

      That song is gonna be killer live!


      Yeah, looking forward to the live version, should have potential to go wild


      Also my ass are smiling… Uahahahahahaaaahhhh.

      Really, Luna calante today.

      Someone could be so patient to put lyrics please guys.

      MP, Madonna Santa!


        Sorry for my grumpy words a couple of days ago. I have to admit that it's a solid rocker which occasionally comes to my mind. Still, i find it a bit underdeveloped regarding the structure and the fade-out. I just had to utter my disappointment that they didn't take the chance to start a profoundly new chapter. Still, good, well-crafted song and hoping for some magic to happen on the album.



          the point of no return's finally passed

          pushed over the edge

          equilibrium's offset at last

          here out on the ledge

          earth's homeostasis

          we're losing races

          the waning has begun

          no choice for anyone

          this can't keep going on

          insect-like we've taken over

          a predatory kind

          bite the hand and fix it later

          a one-track hive mind

          earth's homeostasis

          still losing races

          the waning has begun

          no choice for anyone

          this can't keep going on

          children children fight your corner

          you'll need a new home

          boldly go where none have ventured

          new spaceships in chrome

          from homeostasis

          to survival races

          the waning has begun

          no choice for anyone

          soon this will all be gone

          Punj Lizard

            @marc – As this is part one of two, my hope is that the fade out was only applied to the single version and that the album version will somehow transition from this to part two without fading out, but with more of the crazy guitar licks we hear in the fade out. :-)


              Just like In Our Tree and ASFE did, The Waning probably doesn't say much of the forthcoming album. Quite sure they don't put the biggest epic most wild song out before album time on purpose. Probably even have a giggle about it.

              btw nowadays I LOOOVE In Our Tree and ASFE.

              and Punj above on page 3, well put!

              and the latest Tool album is a snore. I used to like them a lot, was very impressed up to Lateralus. But they're stuck in their thing now.


              Lol, I’ve also started really appreciating the Waning, it took some time w this one. Thanks for the lyrics @Angel – don’t exactly know what Bent’s on about, the climate crisis? Not often you hear lines like “earth's homeostasis”, had to look it up, but it at least sounds good. Looking forward for more! :STG:


                Had my hopes a bit higher after the first reviews, but can there be a more generic and unispired MP song than the first single?


                @Be For me the answer might be Spin, Spin, Spin. All time low! Not even a MP song. But as mentioned above, In Our Tree felt somewhat uninspired when it came out. I remember even thinking Ozone was a red flag, how could they top AADP lol. Serpentine. I guess MP has never been a singles band. I almost wonder why they still put out a single, the most “radio-friendly” song, believing it will get rotation. Or if they do, why not add three or four more tracks of nice weird inspired studio outtakes? Big questions! It’s not like they’re signed to a major label, I hope they finally open the vaults at some point, the archives.

                Edit: I know they’ve done the box-sets lol, Ive been happily digging into the Blissard outtakes the last weeks, since I received the CDs and were able to convert to MP3s (thanks guys!) But I guess I just want more, from the later years. Demos and outtakes, must be plenty. Nice acoustic versions? Time will hopefully tell!


                  Well, the mailman just came in with my Kingdom of Oblivion LP and CD, 3 days early it seems! <3 About to have some fun later today, yeeeeee haw! :STG:


                    got it today, too


                      first impression after first half (or sides 1 & 2):


                      funny how it sounds vintage and modern at the same time. the scheps factor?

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