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      Hi. I just bought this item.http://www.discogs.com/High-Feelings-Leave-Norway/release/1038589

      Is there any out there with some info of this vinyl? It did only cost 6 pounds as well:)



        “Track A is Motorpsycho – Go To California as featured on the album Phanerothyme.

        Track B is Made In Sweden – Get Out Of My Life Woman as featured on the album Live at the “Golden Circle”.”

        strange release…


          It also says “Unofficial Release”. Spilt bootleg between mp and made in sweden? from the notes I don´t get the impression that it´s a covertunes


          It’s an unofficial release, 400 copies. The song is “Go to California” as on ‘Phanerothyme’, but edited heavily. It seems High Feelings were out to Hijack this song and call it their own.

          It appears both Stickman and MP just discovered this as well. They both know about it and both have a copy of the vinyl record.

          There is also a CD-R version, but I know nothing about this version.




            Thanks TvdR. Great info. It will fit my MP vinyl collection:)


            You’re welcome, clundbe. The CD-R was released as 400 copies also. The vinyl is surely from ’06, the cd-r from ’08 if I remember correctly. The label “High Feelings” specialises mainly in electronic music and the vinyl was their first ever release. The cd-r contains reissues of the first two releases by that label.

            I am a bit ambivalent about this bootleg/counterfeit actually. If it was a beautifully packaged triple vinyl live anthology, I would see the point. But an original MP song, cut up and repackaged with a different artist and title, albeit on spotless vinyl?

            Mind you, I have been deemed a purist by both Jeannette (stickfrau) and Alex (fillmore) on this subject, and they should know! :mrgreen:




            Hej folks. For all of you wondering who Made in Sweden is. Fantastic Prog-Rock trio from (guess)Sweden. Their first record “Snakes in a hole” is a great mixture of early psychedelic rock with a big influence of jazz. Bob Dylans Lay Lady Lay is beautiful interpreted in the typical warm and sunny Made in Sweden style. Their second album “Made in England” is a true masterpiece. Bassist Bo Häggeström bass performance is remarkable and the trio plays heavy jazz influenced (Cannonball Adderly) groovy prog rock. Guitarist Georg (Joje) Wadenius is one of Swedens best known guitarists who played w. Blood Sweat & Tears. If you look at the live golden circle album you`ll find versions of Lennons – Day in my life, Zawinuels-Mercy Mercy Mercy, Henri Mancinis-Peter Gunn and Charles Lloyd-Saucery. Their last album “Where do we begin” was a cooperation with musicians from the fantastic finnish prog-rock band Tassevalan Pressidenti. Now back to Motorpsycho! Since Wadenius lives in Oslo it would be interesting to know if the musicians know each other. If you listen to Snahs guitar work on Phanerothym it could be possible that he likes Wadenius very much. All three albums are available on Swedens famous Mellotronen lable.

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