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      Thanks for the Information about the song "Rise Above".

      Queen's "Sheer Heart Attack" was played twice: It was performed in Eindhoven (2006-05-04) and in Biel (2006-05-09).


      I went through the whole list and listened to all the original versions of the covers I didn't know. Still I didn't find the song Motorpsycho play at 5:17 as a part of Hogwash at Rockefeller in 1997 (on the AADAP box set). Is that their own riff and melody they sing? I always thought I knew that song. Maybe a Grand Funk cover?

      Punj Lizard

        @Hans Boller – maybe you can find it by doing a search on the lyrics. I tried and found nothing, but I'm not sure I have the lyrics right. All I can make out is "Red [Rock?] Louisiana, There's a church that's got it all" and the chorus seems to start with "Ride red [something??]"


        Hey Punj! I already did that when the box set was released a few years ago. And I also had trouble figuring out the lyrics. But good to read that a native English speaker is also struggling ;)

        But I'm trying it again right now. It's really hard to make out the lyrics. I also hear "red" and "Louisiana" and then "Mr Sarge/George has got it all". Then Bent repeats the line but ends it with "Mr Clinton has got it all". I always thought that he was changing the lyrics of an already existing song to fit in with the political landscape of the time. But maybe he was talking about George Clinton, since he is a Funkadelic fan. Free Your Mind should also be on the song list, since Bent sang a small part of it in Demon Box in 1993.

        But surely, somebody on this board has to know which song they were referecing in Hogwash. Do we maybe need a new thread?


          @Hans Boller: After a bit of research I found out that it's the Funkadelic track Red Hot Mama:

          Punj Lizard

            @otherdemon – Well done – great sleuthing!

            I absolutely love it when MP get into a funk groove.


            Thanks otherdemon, your sleuthing was certainly more effective than mine. Funkadelic rule, that's for sure. In my mind I can see early Motorpsycho shaking their asses to George Clinton and his posse. As their nineties-videos demonstrate, they've got some serious moves!

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