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    There's been a thread about these in a Norwegain sales-group on Facebook recently.

    These are some recent counterfeits, unofficial bootlegs made for profit by some scoundrels!

    At least three colors exists, black, clear and gold. No word on the quality of these yet.


      "Body Count – Cop Killer" in colored vinyl.

      Too many items for sale obviusly … there is another one on ebay and the seller has tons of colored "rarities" :-/


        Hvilke Facebook gruppe er det Sindre?


          Tror Sindre mener gruppa "Platepraten". Søk på Lobotomizer som tema, så finner du nok fram, når du først har blitt medlem av gruppa da :wink:


            Ok thanks sir..


            your opioin is very awesome, but i have a better way,you can click this link. cheapest place to buy fut coins in there,you could buy some NBACOIN.


              I just found one at Comeback Records in Berlin (Hasenheide 9, near Hermannplatz). Was way too excited to buy it for 20 euros hahaha. Of course it had to be a fake.

              Just heard there's copies being sold in the Netherlands also…


                Non-fold out covers?



                  Bought one on Discogs. I'm pretty curious about the quality…

                  After this album I only need BHBC on vinyl and got them all.

                  Why is that one so hard to find and soooo expensive :(


                    Finally got the unofficial release of Lobotomizer.

                    The quality of the media is descent… no remarks on that.

                    The outer sleeve has a glossy layer. I don't know if the original has the same.

                    This version hasn't got an inner sleeve with lyrics and no poster.

                    It's just a simple vinyl cover. I've noticed that the abbreviation of Voices of Wonder Records is spelled incorrectly.

                    It is printed as WOV026 instead of VOW026. This is only on the sleeve.

                    I'm kinda against these unofficial releases, but come on… +/- 300 euro is a lot of money.

                    I payed this version for about 18 euro.

                    It seems that all these unofficial releases come from Germany. There is also an orange version of this release: http://www.discogs.com/Motorpsycho-Lobotomizer/release/7249997

                  Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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