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    The Other Anders

      BronYAur posted an alternative song order for Here Be Monsters in a different thread, mixing in the HBM 2 songs:

      A: Sleepwalking – Lacuna/Sunrise – Running with Scissors

      B: Here Be Monster 1 – Spin Spin Spin

      C: I.M.S. – The Etching of the Seed-Atom – Here Be Monster 2

      D: Sleepwalking Again – Big Black Dog.

      It's a radical change, but it makes for an enhanced listening experience! Especially the songs from HBM 2 come more to their right in this "version" of the album. I fully agree, this could have been a classic double album as well!

      In the same spirit, I found that Still Life with Eggplant coupled with Behind the Sun, when listened to back-to-back, make for a monster 2CD/3LP, the Hell suite binding it together. Maybe not very surprising, since both albums come from the same recording sessions.

      Behind the Sun is maybe also the first time MP have released a new album with the same sound/idea without any real new direction to set it apart from the last one, and maybe part of the reason people are confused around these two and cannot seem to remember which songs are on which one.

      But if you see these two as one monster album, each and every release in the Kenneth era catalogue has their own sound, ideas and identity.

      Anyone else got cool alternative ways to listen to MP albums/releases?


      Happy to see that my 2LP Here Be Monster has some followers! :)

      I've been even more extreme on this kind of things, but usually on the other way: by "compressing" MP's long albums in a single one, removing the weakest stuff to obtain 45 minutes of real masterpieces! The biggest problems have come with Trust Us, can't really compress it that way!

      About Hell 1-7, the problem is that you couldn't fit it all in a single vinyl side!

      But I'm not a real lover of neither Still Life or Behind the Sun, so I'd probably squeeze both of them in a single LP with stuff like Hell 1-2, August, Kvaestor and only a few more stuff…


        Well, the motorpnakotic fragments could be mixed with behind the sun and still life, too.

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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