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    One of the things I really like about this forum is that people tend to listen and share ideas. Generally with respect for each others opinion. Concerning Ayn Rand, here’s a quote from the wiki-page dedicated to her:

    "I am not primarily an advocate of capitalism, but of egoism; and I am not primarily an advocate of egoism, but of reason. If one recognizes the supremacy of reason and applies it consistently, all the rest follows."

    I wonder how she would look at the world in its current state, had she still lived.


      Reason is a very important tool, of course, albeit limited by one's capacity for reason. However, even if one had a perfect capacity for reason – untroubled by those pesky feelings – one would still only be capable of reasoning about that concerning which one had knowledge. Now, if you are only open to knowledge from sources which your reason, in the context of your sum of knowledge, allows to exist, I would say that you are not getting the whole picture.



        Chill, dude. That's why I wrote "I assume". And you're assuming or rather making stuff up just as well. :) And what do you mean by "again you show a yaddayaddayadda…"? I must have missed something. 8O


          ah I looked up "assume". Lots of meanings to the word. Swap it with reckon, think, guess or whatever you prefer ;)



          I wonder how she would look at the world in its current state, had she still lived.

          That would be quite obvious, wouldn't it?

          «The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.» (Michail Gorbatschow)

          For many in nearly the whole western world, a hard built up welfare state is taken for granted and seems to lure them into musings for socialistic ideas. There's an attitude of laziness, paired with an aggressive sort of entitlement, preferably justified with an accusing sort of moralism. It mostly comes combined with a naive idealization of centralism, in conjunction with the degradation of the independent, self governing nation state, or such old-fashioned ideas as diligence or personal responsibility.

          Well-founded on her own background, Rand would refer to the drastically failed experimentation with socialism: Afghanistan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, most countries in Central America, DDR, Kirgistan, China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indo-China, Korean Peninsula…

          On the other hand, there's the liberal agenda of Donald Trump (and other modern populists) with his focus on strengthening the domestic working class, families and communities. Deregulation (for every new law in, eight went out) let companies breathe, innovate and invest again. Tax cuts unburdens individuals, families and companies. The result so far: 7 million new jobs since his election; 1,2 million in manufacturing and construction alone. 12'000 new industrial firms established. Unemployment rate as low as 1968; for blacks, latinos and hispanics on its lowest ever recorded. Wages rising on all incoming levels; for workers now faster than for managers. There's a lot more still, for example his agenda on foreign affair, which is an achievement on its own.

          Is Ayn Rand up-to-date? For people like me and obviously The Donald, her ideas appear to be fresh, inspiring and usable; the positive impact for the vast majority of America's people speaks on its own. At least, Rand's ideas should be taken as an excellent benchmark to evaluate where we stand now. But to generally demonize her is as stupid as it is suspicious.


          Cop a feel

          Make a deal

          Shit is all too real

          Hey Norman, I am a 58-year old American living on Cape Cod. May I ask, what country are you from and where do you live now? How old are you? Just curious.


          @bionaut, Cape Cod – that's something! My daughter went there once during her stay in Boston.

          I am 55 years old, born and raised in Germany. Due to my profession as a sales engineer for an industrial company, I lived nearly half of my adult life in other countries, mostly out of main cities, where I helped to build up local branches. Since the fall of the iron curtain, I'm an avid observer on the effects of globalization and multilateralism, its impacts for the various social classes and, of course, the political arrangement. By 1992 and eventually with the partly un- and antidemocratic implementation of the Maastricht Treaty then, I was confident that this all won't work out the way the elites would like to have it.

          Just before Super Tuesday: Who is your favourite candidate so far for the 3rd. of November?


          Wow Norman, I'm impressed!

          It is quite clear that you have a much firmer grip on reality compared to "patronising, stuck-up snobs" like supernaut (and probably myself). You are rightly chastising the sluggish masses for clinging on to such obsolete concepts as the "hard built up" (whatever that means) welfare state and pointing out the breakdown of personal responsibility (so the downfall of the nation state makes personal responsibility obsolete? What? Can anyone half as intelligent and eloquent as Norman_Gold maybe make sense of this and explain it to a humble peasant like myself?). As we all know, globalisation has nothing to do with political decisions and can in no way be brought into line by policy makers! It suddenly came over us, just like the Holy Ghost!

          It is also not under any circumstances pretty ironic, that on the one hand you berate the supporters of socialism for their laziness and entitlement, while on the other hand you idealise a man who is notoriously slothful, has never worked a day in his life, and had to be bailed out by his own father.

          But if what you say is true, and he really brought back jobs and enabled a new economic upturn for his people, no political opponent will be able to beat "The Donald" in the forthcoming election, especially not "crazy Bernie" (as Trump likes to call him) with his outdated class politics approach. After having brought back American jobs, Donny Deals is now tackling the weakness of American toilets, so people don't have to flush ten or fifteen times anymore, once they have done their bathroom deeds (this is not a drill! Look it up!). He sure is a mental colossus!

          I'm looking forward to reading more of your modest takes on politics and forum members. Your rock, dude! Keep on trucking in the free world!


            Maybe one should change the name of this thread – it's been a long time since I read about MOTORPSYCHO AND RUSH…


            I second that!


            Agreed. I am very interested to speak with Norman Gold some more, so I will try starting a new thread and see what happens.

            As for Motorpsycho and Rush, I am now able to hear some Rush in MP music. It has taken me some time. Probably mostly because I never really listened to any Rush after Hemispheres, and that one did not get a lot of play when it came out. That was the end for me. What can I say? I never got into prog of any kind until I heard Motorpsycho!


              I don't get how Norman's ramblings are not patronizing or snobbish but I'd be happy to have this board chilled. There's enough of these holier than thou and I have facts to crush your petty opinions "discussions" all over the webs and so far this phorum has been quite uniquely devoid of those. So that's it for me. :)


              Sabbath, The Who, Neil Young or King Crimson are more obvious in MP's work than Rush. I hear leanings towards Rush more in a sort of vibe here and then, just like there's traces of any rock'n'roll lore. There's hardly any Zeppelin, which I find interesting. The guitar solo in Whole lotta Diana is quite Pagey but only on the record. On the live versions I'm aware of Snah doesn't go there as much. But they really should don some capes when playing the doublenecks!

            Viewing 12 posts - 76 through 87 (of 87 total)
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