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      Oh, thanks to Pat btw :)

      Great King Rat

        So… the tour is over. Any concluding thoughts? For the guys it seems to have been a great one, judging from the few statements in those interviews. Well-attended shows, some sold out, people liking the new material, drummer hung in there despite a broken rib, shows in England and Poland, …

        I saw two shows, one in the beginning, one in the end, and I'm quite satisfied. The new stuff worked well and we got to hear some classics, which I particularly enjoyed. Also great to see they still play for nearly three hours a night, which is quite something considering their age, I guess.

        Couple of years ago, someone here did an amazing round-up of the songs played on the tour (which ones and how often), I'd love to read that for this one, too. Unfortunately, I neither have the time nor a mind to do that myself, so – to quote Homer Simpson – can't somebody else do it?

        CU next tour!


        I witnessed the gig in Wiesbaden – it really was such a great experience !

        A great setlist from the take off about all the songs till the (open) finish of this fantastic musical travel… Next to the new album I also was really glad to hear pieces like Flick, Chien, Watersound…

        ..only for nosiness:

        did they somewhere on the Tour played the song 577 ?

        (-one of my many various favourites-)

        Great King Rat

          No, I don't think 577 was played this tour.


            I'd love to see some tour stats as well! :-)


              Jürgen? Tour stats please :-D

              Great King Rat

                Cheers, kippenhok, that's quite useful. Yet it says "…played by year", so we have to know if they played other gigs earlier this year or if those numbers are from the HBM tour only. Cause I'm surprised to see Psychonaut there, and Wishing well! And Hogwash! Did they play those songs one night this tour??

                The songs I didn't see in two shows would make some pretty setlists themselves. As always, very impressive!

                boomer former helm

                  wishing well was played on a show in italy and hogwash several times. about psychonautr i also no not know.


                    Great King Rat: Those stats aren't 100% accurate. All of the setlists from the HBM tour are up. But they also did 4 concerts in January/February w/ dance ensemble Carte Blanche (and only one of those setlists is up there). But I suspect they played Chien/HBM at all those 4 shows.

                    About Psychonaut: It's claimed it was played in Haugesund. I have a recording of that gig, and it wasn't played. So it didn't appear this year at all.

                    And I agree about 577. One of my alltime favorite MP tracks. Shame they didn't play it this year, especially since they played it a couple times in '14 with Fiske.

                    Great King Rat

                      It'd be great to see Psychonaut again some time, and 577, yes.

                      I'd quite like to know how they played Wishing well on that Italian show. Anybody here who was there? I missed it live when Roadwork IV was recorded. Man, that's another one I'd love to see, especially that version.


                        It's a pity no tapes from Italy are showing up … I am also wondering how Wishing Well was played this time, Snah had a different sound those days in 2009.

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                      …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994