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      To me "on a plate" is a nice straight rocker in the barracuda tradition. Not overly complex, but that's not always necessary for a song to work


      To me On a Plate is a very cheap joke compared to the songs of Barracuda.

      Barracuda really rocks !!! Behind the Sun is simple ProgPop without showing much of their normal song writing skills and any kind of HardRock Attitude. Dr. H's bike is together wit Twins and #1 imo one of the greatest MP song ever and does not deserve to be compared to any of these boring and uninspired BTS or EGG songs at all.

      This is just my opinion as a long time Psychonaut. Peace !!!


        You're right, that's just your opinion ;)



          No you don't really need big amps always, especially considering a venue's circumstances in size and technical stuff. But sometimes I'm glad to have my big amp to compensate (ha!) technical shortcomings of a venue. Also, it's not only down to a need, sometimes it's just down to fun making a huge racket. Which got me into music in the first place. :D


          Yup On A Plate is a Barracuda style rocker but rather a bit more complex than those on there. I think the running order of the new album irritates me a bit. I put it onto my cell with Ghost and On A Plate at the end, so it goes Cloudwalker, Promise, Kvaestor, Hell 4-6, Entropy, Magic, Hell 7, Ghost, On A Plate. It has a better flow to me that way.


            On a plate as a closer sounds wrong to me. Now hell 4-6 on the other hand would have worked. Ps; I shook Reine Fiskes hand today. Grand moment :)


              running order is always a bit debatable. and since a band is very close to the material when they record it, they dont often make the best decisions about that. sometimes it needs a bit of distance — and sometimes its just very subjective. what flows well for one person wont flow well for another. i like the BtS tracklist tho, although i tried combining it with Eggplant because Hell 1-7 works nicely as a unit and could be the closing track in a combined album. hell, it could be an album in its own right, its 29:40 long.


                My two cents:

                – as has been mentioned, a major plus this time is that they've actually bothered to write songs, many of them very good

                – Bent's "rediscovery" of "emtional" songwriting a major plus

                – mellotron: yes please, a large portion!

                – Cloudwalker: brilliant opener. Shades of 90s Motorpsycho, but filtered through the early 00s pop/West Coast phase. Ultimately ends up sounding like it could only have been done by today's MP, with a pastoral feel. Goes along very well with Barleycorn (which was by far my favorite track on Eggplant).

                – Ghost: my first thought as well was that it sounded similar to When the World Sleeps. It doesn't do much for me, but then I'm not a fan of …Sleeps either.

                – On a Plate: yuck…the riff itself is fair enough, but nothing to get very excited about. The Mountain riff is somewhat similar, but early Motorpsycho transformed that type of riff into a real trip. This, however, becomes just trite and boring to my ears. Soundwise and approach-wise it's way too much standard stoner rock. Particularly the vocals and the sound effects on the vocals sound almost like a parody. I keep waiting for someone to sing about "problemer innad i Høyre". If they had released this track on an EP I might not be so harsh, but unfortunately these types of tracks end up on almbums these days rather than EPs, diluting the overall impact of the album. Same thing with for instance Coalmine Pony or August (nice but non-essential cover tracks category).

                – The Promise: now we're back on track! Excellent quintessential Motorpsycho rocker.

                – Kvæstor: I like it…but I think it was a wise move to keep it relatively short at about 5 mins.

                – Hell 4-6: sublime, probably the best thing on the album. The type of majestic track with grand dynamics that nobody in the world, before or since, have done better than MP.

                – Entropy: another good song, with beautiful additions by Reine Fiske. Almost like a MP/Dungen hybrid! I think it goes on for just a little too long, but that's a minor criticism. But it has to be said: Snah, I love you man. But that vocal was weak even by your standards…

                – The Magic & the Wonder: love this one too, very infectious riff. Reminds of BH/BC, but I like that album a lot, so I'm not complaining.

                – Hell 7: when I saw the video teaser before the album came out I thought: oh no, MP have finally stopped writing songs altogether, and gone all technical stoner rock. How wrong I was! This is MP's most song-driven album in ages, so I'll indulge them with this closing track. And I've actually grown to like it quite a lot, since it is so hilariously over-the-top. They haven't made anything as noisy, nasty and unhinged like this since the 90s, where albums regularly featured tracks like Grindstone, Timothy's Monster, Psychonaut etc.

                All in all, this album is a huge improvement over Eggplant, which IMO contained exactly one great song (Barleycorn). I greatly welcome the return of real songwriting, and some tracks are downright excellent and could potentially end up as MP classics (Cloudwalker, Hell 4-6 the most obvious contenders for me). The sequencing does let it down though, since the two weakest tracks (Ghost, On a Plate) are put at the front. If I were to give marks, I'd prefer a 5-star rating system, since I wouldn't hesitate giving it 4 stars. On a dice, I can't quite roll out a 5…but it's very, very strong 4.


                  Yes I could have set OAP as penultimate song and Ghost as the closing one. But in time I'll like these songs better than those anyway. At the mo, their sequencing feels odd to me, too.

                  Yesterday I blasted Eggplant and (in a long while since) 8 Soothing Songs. I do like Eggplant much more nowadays. Ratcatcher is HUUUUGE. And I'd love them to play Lighthouse Girl again! This is one musically mature epic that was way ahead of their time, if I can dare say so, thinking of the other quite normal contemporary alternative rocker tracks on there.



                    I just realized why I like Hell pt 7 so much: it's simply Keith Moon on all the instruments and vocals!


                      Hi all and howdy. I'm not a frequent poster, but a frequent follower. Now I have a question that I hope you guys can hjelp me with. Got my copy of Behind the Sun from Rune today. Been away for a while, hence the late arrival. I agree without the main tendency of the posts under this topic – that BTS is good stuff. Ok. Thing is that the record I received do not – NOT – have the announced etching on the first side. The first side is just plain vinyl, with some strange, non-concentic circles towards the center. Anyone else with a similar experience? Apart from the missing etching, everything seems to be in order: one black slab, one white and cd included. Is there a picture of the etching somewhere online? Have I gotten one of Willy Wonka's golden tickets, that is: a mis-print? Anyone else gotten one? World appreciate any answers you guys can come up with. Thank you in advance. – Palo


                        That IS the etching, unless I completely missed something (like the Rune edition was different from my Stickman one). You can even play side A. In 2 different ways. :D

                        Phoots Flower

                          that´s why i didn´t try. :?


                            That sound from outer space clearly says "motorpsycho, motorpsycho, motorpsycho" :MPD:

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