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      here is the visions review for behind the sun (#252, 03/2014, p.105):



      the subscription edition of the current issue includes the haircuts-dvd, in a scaled-down version obviously:



      + RWIII – Paradiso 2002


      + ANOTHER UGLY TOUR 1994, alternate cut


      + MAD SUN 1996, acoustic

      + S.T.G. 2000, live at Samfundet, Trondheim

      + PLAN #1 2000, live at Samfundet, Trondheim

      for the april-issue visions announces a great mp-special "eine große History" occasion of mp's 25th anniversary, "one of the best and most productive prog-bands".




        "The Trondheim exception trio adds another masterpiece in folky Progressive Rock to its canon. If you try to objectify the class of a band based on the multitude of their output in a given period in relation to the average quality, Motorpsycho may be the best band in the world. They bring it to 17 regular studio albums plus several EPs in 25 years, without even having once lost the inspiration. This is not the case also for Behind The Sun – the boundaries between folk, progressive rock, indie rock and psychedelic are resolved at the highest level. It actually is impossible, to record such a complex and comprehensive album in just one year, as the band plays on an unearthly technical level, without ever drifting in vain bigotry. Who will be able to integrate a drum solo into a song without sounding pretentious? Well, in Kvaestor you can hear one that consists almost entirely of double bass thunder and cymbals, which completely makes sense in the structure of the song. In any case the tasteful and unobtrusive drumming of nested studied jazz musician Kanneth Kapstad makes indie-pop anthems like Cloudwalker interesting for prog-nerds too, pushes madness in bags and Hell Pt.7: Victim Of Rock in a rarely heard musical sphere. As a peace pole in the Prog Kaleidoscope there are also delicate folk islands such as Ghost or Entropy, which make Behind The Sun also to a lesson in dynamics. There are few albums where you will find favor so quickly and that still remain interesting for so long due to their endless wealth of detail. Further evidence for the opening hypothesis. Have a good flight behind the sun everyone!"


            I would take that scan down! It violates copyright laws. The site might get into trouble!


              Finally Visions magazine does push Motorpsycho. All their albums always got great reviews in it but besides that, they never really wrote that much about them and also their records rarely made the occasional Visions' "top-100-records-of-whatever" lists.


                That Cloudwalker snippet from makes me very optimistic about the new album, wooh!


                  Both Hell songs played on Canadian(!) radio

                  I'm not gonna listen to this radio-show, though. Keeping the excitement for those two longies.


                  I couldn't wait, and I have to say: You have something to look forward to. Brilliant, both of them!


                    I second that! Hell Pt 4-6 is pure bliss!! :cheers: :MPD: :cheers:


                      From what I heard so far, this album is going to be a blast. Hard to believe that it is a composition of eggplant-leftovers. To me each song sounds powerful and inspired, although I probably won't sit trough hell pt. 7 too often.


                        Potential spoiler alett.

                        Marc: i agree. Now that ive heard the album version, i can (imo) ssfely say that the video version was way more cool. ,raw and rocking. The album version on the orher hand is way too chaotic for me+ i couldn't help comparing it to the mountain climb version. They should have just polished it a tiny bit and put that one on the album if you ask me.



                          Not really revealing, but a positive review. For the record…


                            Got the record from Rune Gramofon today. Etching was a big disapointment. Could it be music/sound on the side with the etching? It looks a bit like it but im not sure…. And it was music. Ambient moody sounding stuff like they used to do back in the day as a bonus.

                            Only listened to the two first songs but musicaly this is very promising. So no surprices there :P


                              NRK interview

                              Some interesting info about Bent is working hard to unveil some nice content on there + info about 2-3 semi-secret projects in the works. I'm hoping that one of those projects is the Nidarosdomen stuff w/ Storløkken.


                                Just got the double vinyl + cd. The cd were in a small white sheet without any writings or anything. The vinyls look amazing!

                                Just heard Entropy for the first time, and I have to say I`m hopeful :)

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