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      Vegard B. Havdal

        I don’t know, but it’s funny you should mention it because the only person I know that has been writing a Motorpsycho book, Willy B, apparently passed away recently.


          “Excerpt: 8 Soothing Songs For Rut 8 Soothing Songs For Rut is the second studio album by the Norwegian rock band Motorpsycho , then still tinged in hard rock and alternative metal. It was first released as vinyl-only-mini-album called “Soothe” but later re-released on CD with two additional tracks from the single “3 Songs For Rut”. Both titles were merged into “8 Soothing Songs For Rut”. The music is very raw and hard, but also shows glimpses of Prog , as in the nearly 10-minute long “Lighthouse Girl”. Track listing (CD) Track listing (LP “Soothe”) Side A (45 rpm) Side B (33 rpm) Personnel with: Miscellanea item The vinyl version was pressed as a 100 ex. limited steel box . It is now a very rare collectors item, probably the most sought after. Also it is said that only 70-80 ex. actually were sold because some of them were misprints. But there was also a regular version. item It was the first album to feature Deathprod as a collaborateur, back then he helped designing the sleeve. Later he co-produced every album they made (with the exception of the two “Tussler “-records and Black Hole/Blank Canvas ). item It also was the first album to have the Motorpsycho-“tattoo”-logo on it. It was designed by Theo Jak and Bent Sæther actually has it on his left arm. item Lars Lien, long time-collaborateur and band member in 1994 (and also member of The International Tussler Society ), also showed up here for the firs…”

          oh cool that is taken from wikipedia… I wrote this! and in turn, the information was gathered from this site. Tsk.




            Willy B is dead?

            when, what?

            anyone knows?

            For non-norwegian reader Willy B is (was aparently) something of a legend in the oslo music scene playing in a lot of bands, as well as publishing articles and books about the impact rock and pop have had on norway.


              Apparently he died this weekend from cancer. He was 59 years old.

              And Bent & Snah played with him in 2006: I Believe To My Soul


                I heard there will be a memorial concert for Willy B the day after Oya Festival. Motorpsycho will participate.

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