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    The Other Anders

      @kippenhok: I would "need" 24OCT2006 Oslo Rockefeller! I was even there. Would love it of you circulated it.

      Also: Do you also have Stavanger 2001 (was it?) You mentioned a Stavanger recording years ago that is not yet circulating…

      The Other Anders

        Correction to the database: 2006-05-05 Münster was recorded. There are two sources. The one that is circulating misses part of Sail On. The second source is complete and recorded by yours truly. I am looking into circulating it.

        mister conclusion

          A few remarks:

          Yes, sometimes it can be a little bit tricky to find consistent song titles (see e.g. Überpilgrim or Victims Of Rock vs. Hell pt. 7 or Nothing To Say with the Mountain Jam). We had some discussions about these when we set up the DB. But your input is of course very welcome. Überpilgrim just needs some cleaning up I guess and we could rename Victim Of Rock –> Hell pt. VII / Victim Of Rock. But there will still be some oddities.

          I also think that N.O.X. should be treated as one song now that MP has always played all the parts. I guess we will change that. In the beginning this was of course not foreseeable.

          Tussler: I don't know. We just have no data field "artist" and Tussler is not MP. We can add the gigs and add a remark like "MP as TITS" but I am not sure. Other opinions?

          And please tell us whenever there are recordings we did not know of. These are easy to add. Somebody has done this already.

          General remark: It is very nice to see that you guys are interested in and actually using the DB. That really was a lot of work (kudos especially to Blashyrkh for the initiative and the technical realisation!) and this is a real heads up! As Blashyrkh said before, any feedback is welcome and will be considered.


            Thank you all for your valuable feedback ! The following changes are done:

            – Added the missing recordings.

            – Renamed Victim of Rock to Hell pt. VII / Victim Of Rock

            To do:

            – Change the N.O.X parts into one song.

            – Change Uberwagner / The Pelgrim to Überpilgrim

            – Show other users that attended a show (only visible when logged in).


              If anyone could approve me as well, that would be great.

              Same username as here.


                @otherdemon, I’ve approved your account :-)


                  Great work Blashyrkh, many thanks!

                  Not sure if this has already been done or considered – would Thor want to share his wonderful MP photography through the DB?


                    Speaking of forums, it would be nice if the mpdb site itself had a small forum to discuss changes, additions and so on.


                      @blashyrkh: I have also tried to register, but haven't been allowed in yet. Username: kjesso


                        @Blashyrkh: Thanks a lot :D


                          Regarding Tussler or not. In my humble opinion I think it could be included. The nucleus of the Tussler band is (was) MP in its entirety, they played numerous of their own songs. Comparable perhaps more to the In the Fishtank project, wich always has been considered a part of MP, than to any of the numerous other side projects of various members.


                          How hard would it be to add an 'artist' field?


                            @Bionaut, it's not hard to add it, but the "issue" is that all the Tussler statistics will be added to Motorpsycho.


                              Update: the N.O.X. parts are merged into 1 song.


                              Got it about the artist field. Although I like fields for most everyting, this Tussler issue is above my pay grade.

                              On another note, I am interested in hearing more about how you could pull in shows.

                            Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 143 total)
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