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      Hi Guys,

      Like I said in the songs stats thread, I'm working on a website that collects all the setlists of our favourite band :-)

      I already have the basis of this site: you can check it out over here

      It's going to be a massive work, because I have to put in all the setlists manually. All the songs are already in the database (thanks Vegard for the dampsaba export). Now I just have to create the setlist, add location and year and connect the existing songs to it.

      At this moment there aren't much gigs added. But you'll get the idea of this project…

      If there are volunteers who are willing to help? Please feel free to get in touch with me :-) I could use a couple of hands.

      Functionalities at this moment:

      – Check setlist

      – Filter setlist (country, city, venue)

      – Check song detail and see on which gigs it was played.

      What's in the pipeline:

      – More filters (like year, … )

      – More information per song (live video's, maybe if people are interested the guitar tab)

      – More information per gig (tour name, you can already add this in the backend, but it isn't shown yet).

      – Statistics page (how many times songs are played, most played venues, …) – all this data will be generated automatically.

      Please keep in mind that the current layout is still shitty :p I wanted the see if all the functionalities will work and if that's okay, I'll start to improve the layout.

      If you have any feedback or cool ideas, let me know :-)

      Thanks !



        This is exactly a database many people are looking for.

        Have you already sent an email to me? I have a word file with all setlists and tour dates and I have sent it to everyone who asked for it.

        I am willing to check out the correctness of setlists. I can manually add setlists, too and I hope that it is not difficult (technically speaking).


          @Juergen, that's great :-) I will sent you an e-mail later on this day.

          Well, I can say that it's very very easy to add a setlist.


          User accounts with the option to select which concerts you've been to would be awesome! Then you would be able to see which songs you've already seen etc. (similair to


            @crossskip, yes that also a great idea. I will put that on my backlog.


              The author of "Love The One You're With", played at UFFA Trondheim on 08 November 1991 is of course Stills, not Crosby as stated. Always willing to help ;-)

              What a gig though – half of the material seems to be CSN / Young stuff. Any recordings around?


                @Johnny, thanks ;-) It's updated! Indeed a awesome gig. A recording would be great, but I doubt it :p


                  I dont know if this show ever got recorded (setlist or pics) or are added in the database. must have been in 94 or 95


                  Wasnt in the tour schedule. The band had some time off and wanted to play an accoustic show downstairs at Gibbys/Vera Groningen. A great time was had by all if I remember correctly.


                    6th of June was a Monday in '94

                    Vegard B. Havdal



                        @ kjellepelle

                        Many thanks for this tour date. The show was not recorded and there it is not mentionend in this Forum or Website, either.

                        There were a few days off between June 5th 1994 (show in Utrecht) and June 9th 1994 (next show in Aalborg). There were no days off in 1995 because the Motorpsycho members played a Tussler Show on June 7th 1995 in Trondheim.

                        Can you remember any songs of this show which could be added to our (forthcoming) database?


                          No sorry, either to busy doing merch (or drinking beer). But I will try do dig up the old tour itineraries and check out the dates.



                            – added all the gigs from 1992.

                            – year filter


                              Update: when you click on a song, you're able to see when that song is played for the first and last time.


                                Oh my – MP accountkeeper's hog heaven!

                                I guess the "latest played" entry updates automatically considering all entrys made so far? I can remember I heart "Sunshine Daydream" live a few times after 1993 ;-)

                                Great Work!

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                              …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994