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      Well, what about some dance shows?

      Motorpsycho and Hooman Sharifi live on stage May 27, 28, 29 and 30 with a show inspired by Igor Stravinskij's The Rite of Spring. (anyone remembering the promo shots for The All is One?)

      Let's hope the lockdown in Oslo is lifted in time for this.

      Punj Lizard

        I love that the band gets involved in these kinds of projects. Whether new music is involved or not, the experience widens their horizons and feeds back into the band in ways that may or may not be obvious – both financially (I hope) and creatively.

        Good luck for the lifting of lockdown.


          Exciting shit. Loved the Carte Blanche stuff back in 2016.

          Unfortunately I doubt that the Oslo restrictions will be lighter in the next 2 months. So my guess is this will be postponed until autumn or something.


            Reminds me of these guys, this:



            Well, no.

            What Hooman Sharifi did with Carte Blanche is something entirely different.

            It's to hard describe in words, but I can testify the combo with Motorpsycho was

            just perfect.


              Hi guys,

              I have two tickets for friday's show, and I am looking to trade them for tickets on saturday or sunday if anyone would be interested in that.


                Tonight was epic! I'll write more tomorrow, now it's time for bed :cheers:


                  Selling my two tickets for tonight's show, give me a message if you are interested!


                    Some elaboration on yesterday (Thursday):

                    The venue was larger than I expected, and with a 20 person limit for this event, the atmosphere was quite special and intimate. Sparse lightning, LOUD sounds. You had the band playing in the far left corner, the rest of the stage was for Hooman Sharifi (the dancer) to freely move about. I don't really "speak dance", but I still enjoyed watching his movements and trying to interpret what he was conveying. After a while he did some interacting with the lights and other props, which provided a nice touch.

                    Anyway, you know it's gonna be one of "those nights" when you look at Bent's guitar stand, and see that it contains 2x double necks only :lol:

                    The setlist was, as far as I can tell:

                    – New Long

                    – New Half Long/Marken

                    – N.O.X.

                    It's hard to say about the first two for sure though, everything was one continous stream of sound. The new tracks were absolutely monstrous – can't wait to hear how these will unfold on a future release (hopefully). N.O.X. is of course a beast – the somewhat surprising highlight for me was the segment from part 2 to 3, which was a long and dreamy drone – where the only light in the room was provided by dimly lit electronics onstage. A special moment, and a special night indeed!

                    Oh and this is my first MP show since 2019, which feels like an eternity, and a very welcome return! :STG:


                      Many thanks for this report!

                      Only 20 persons allowed? You were lucky! There are still two tickets for sale by OyvindL? Unfortunately, I can't go.


                        Still got the tickets! If you know anyone who needs them, please send them in my direction!


                          Sweet Jesus! I was out of breath after the NOX experience, even if it was a sitting down event! Really powerful and evocative, visually as well as musically. And Thomas! I say no more.

                          Also, the staff at the venue had at least one videocamera in operation so let's hope something surfaces at some point for everyone to enjoy.


                            All or at least one of these pandemically exclusive events call for Roadwork VI, no?



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