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    Punj Lizard

      @otherdemon – do you know how this stream works? Do we just have to open the link and it will run? Or is there something more to do to get access?


        @Punj: I'm not sure, to be honest. I know that the venue has live-streamed a bunch of concerts previously. And those have been open to everyone in Norway, at least (not sure if they are geo-blocked)

        But judging by the Youtube-streams I've seen before, it has usually been "press play and watch". Nothing more.

        So I guess we'll just have to wait and see closer to the day of the concert. I have a ticket to the concert though, so I'll be there up close :D

        Punj Lizard

          @otherdemon – Thanks :D Be sure to wave at the cameras ;)


            @Punj: Thanks. It's more likely that I'll be hiding in the back of the venue :lol:


              Just wanted to say thank you to all the tapers and uploaders – this mini tour is already so well documented and holds some real nuggets, it's a pleasure. :-)


                I subscribe to this – thanks to all the tapers on the mini-tour. Especially to Spacebandit for his own stack effort, for gathering and uploading. But also to everybody who enabled us to follow that gem of a motorpsychedelic excursion. Some of the best gigs since The Tower has been released. Obviously this year the boys were much less under pressure to stuff as many new songs as possible into a gig. At the same time you can clearly hear that both band and song material evolved quite a bit in 2018. Lots of great jams and even a new pearl of a song. Looking forward to 2019!

                Punj Lizard

                  You can add my thanks to those of Tomcat and Johnny H, both of whose sentiments I echo. To all tapers, Spacebandit et al., thank you so much – some great recordings and some great shows – at least those that I've heard and judging by the reports. As Johnny H said, the evolution in the Tower tracks is evident thoughout. Surprisingly, as it's one of my least favourite tracks on the album, The Cuckoo has really come alive for me, I just love the outro and the way that's developed. And that's just for starters! Sixteen minutes of brilliant Dream Home at Bielefeld; a re-energised IE; and Ship of Fools taking a slightly different tack. I've also really been enjoying Trgiggerman from the recordings – seriously in your face driving energy. And to top it all the glorious Lux Aeterna. I'm ready for The Crucible.

                  the evolution in the Tower tracks is evident thoughout.

                  tower is a great record, however the true killer feature of the record is how the songs has evolved post release.

                  kapstad era records are not so strong in this regard, seems like the "ideas" behind the songs was pushed too far during recording and left nothing to work on at later stage live. or maybe some of the material were in fact not good enough? a few ideas for sure were squeezed too far.

                  Krist Rampage

                    I've had mailcontact with Doornroosje. MP is playing from 20:45 – 23:15.


                      ~ Autumn / winter 2018 ~

                      2018-09-26 NO Kolbotn, Kolben Kulturhus

                      2018-09-27 NO Kristiansand, Teatret

                      2018-09-28 NO Skien, Parkbiografen

                      2018-09-29 NO Drammen, Union Scene (+ Elephant9)

                      2018-11-10 DE Wangels, Rolling Stoned Weekender

                      2018-11-11 DE Bielefeld, Forum

                      2018-11-12 DE Dresden, Beatpol

                      2018-11-13 DE Erlangen, E-Werk

                      2018-11-14 CH Luzern, Schüür

                      2018-11-15 CH Winterthur, Salzhaus

                      2018-11-16 CH Bern, Dachstock

                      2018-11-17 DE Rust, Rolling Stoned Park

                      2018-11-30 NO Victoria – Nasjonal jazzscene, Oslo – Rune Grammofon 20 Years

                      2018-12-08 NL Nijmegen Doornroosje (50th anniversary festival, "full show")

                      2018-12-14 NO Trondheim, Byscenen – Sold Out

                      And there is also the Svartlamon 20 years anniversary party Nov 30 / Dec 1st. No Motorpsycho announced so far.


                        @Krist: That would be extraordinary long and quite special for a "festival" with 12 bands … but 50 years is also quite special and it looks like they know what they want. Maybe that lounge is big enough to put some of the acts (?)

                        Krist Rampage

                          Quite special indeed! Good point about the lounge. Seems like the only way to let 12 bands play. Unless the festival goes on until 4 o clock.

                          The mail also confirmed that the festival starts at 20:00. Ryan Porter plays from 20:00 – 21:00 which is a bummer since i really wanted to see Ryan Porter and MP. What to do? Probably see the whole MP show :MPD:


                          The Doornroosje features two halls. One with a capacity of 1000+ and a smaller one, which holds 400-500. There also may be a pub stage, but I could be wrong about that. Haven't been there in ages.


                            According to Instagram, Lars Horntveth will play with MP @ Nasjonal Jazzscene tomorrow.

                            Krist Rampage

                              The timetable for Doornroosje is online. 21:00 – 23:15. Strange that that is different from what the mail said but ok.

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