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      Yeah! Schlachthof on a sunday. Guess, I'll skip Hamburg then.


        Good catch! Sunday (and Monday) shows are usually best, crowd-wise. Schlachthof is a highlight in any case. Nice combination! 8)


        Really looking forward to Schlachthof, great venue, esp. for MP. But I'll stick to Hamburg, although I'm absolutely not in the mood for waiting for the guys while having to bear Elder…


          You, sir, are crazy. Elder are freaking amazing. Lore and Reflections of a Floating World have been my drug for a while. And the Lore title track is so motorpsychedelique.


            From an interview with Bent in the current issue (208 / March 2019) of eclipsed Rock Magazin:

            Q: Live hattet ihr zuletzt Lars Horntveth von Jaga Jazzist dabei, auf "The Crucible" ist er bei einem Track zu hören. Wird er künftig eine größere Rolle spielen?

            A: Wir haben gerade eine Woche mit ihm geprobt. Wir haben bereits 85 Prozent des nächsten Albums geschrieben, das wir im August aufnehmen werden. Wir beschlossen, dass wir zwei zusätzliche Musiker dabei haben wollen, und Lars wird definitiv einer davon sein. Er vesteht uns als Band, und sein Input ist uns sehr wertvoll. Er hilft uns das Chaos zu ordnen, und wenn alles glattgeht, wird er uns auch auf unserer Tour begleiten. […]".

            They hope to bring Lars Horntveth on tour, have written 85% of the new album which they will record in August.

            boomer former helm

              its unbelievable. just finished anoher spin of the crucible with tears in my eyes, and now these news… :STG:

              Punj Lizard

                😲 Wow. Great news. I'm gobsmacked.


                @supernaut: Just a case of taste and not of mental state I hope. Saw Elder at Krach am Bach and just didn't like them. Anyway, they'll have a second chance on me.

                Kid A

                  @fillmore: two fantastic news in just 1 paragraph. I’m so excited, what comes next, it seems the boys are exploding with creativity right now, and I really like the direction they’re moving. Wow!


                  If this UK date or dates don't happen and get announced soon i may well fucking explode

                  The Other Anders

                    Can someone please ask Bent or Cecilie next time they bump into them what is going on between Hamburg and Utrecht? Thank you.


                      maybe Wieland/Powerline is the right person to ask as he handles Germany!


                        Already done – no more dates in Germany in spring, and they don't book mp for UK or Netherlands/Belgium (…)

                        It's indeed annoying as we cannot really plan our possible trip to Hamburg :-/


                          Not more German Shows? After the 3 Swiss shows of last year, I expected around 26 German shows this year. Still better than nothing, of course! (I'm not complaining.)


                            28.09.2019 – DK Odense, Posten


                          Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 311 total)
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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994