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    No show tonight and I find myself again addicted to checking setlists. The last few days pervated by the impressions of the last show I visited, craving for having another, listening to recent live recording (shout outs to Spacebandit!), becoming impatient about the next tour and album…It's MP-tourtime again!


      Give 'em a little break, will ya? Four 2 1/2 hour shows in a row is quite something. In the end you get tired, and when you get tired you sometimes get very speedy or even hectic (paradox, but true). Probably one explanation for yesterday's almost supersonic speed riffing in Cologne. One more show tonight and they'd probably dissolve – Psychedelic Motors Disappear In Smoke!


      No, no, please! Don't dissolve, don't disappear in smoke, no! I'd give the boys any break they need, if they only keep on keepin' on!

      (were they just speed riffing yesterday or even a bit hectic?)

      The Other Anders

        @Deadnautpsychohead: I feel and do exactly the same. It gets increasingly difficult to stay focused on work, and even though I already saw my one concert this fall, I have a craving for more.


        @The Other Anders: " difficult to stay focused on work". That's the one I forgot. Thanks for pointing that out.


          Two days without new setlist – rarely happens with mp :|


            Took some vacation from work to attend the Berlin show next week (quite cheap flights from Stockholm). VERY excited!


              Tour stats anyone? ;-)


                Tromsø setlist / report anyone? Final show of the year coming up on 07.12. in Trondheim!


                    Wasn’t there but local newspaper Nordlys gave it a 6/6 after the first 30 seconds. Joined Bent and Reine on the same plane for Trondheim, looking forward for tomorrow.

                  Viewing 11 posts - 301 through 311 (of 311 total)
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                  …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994