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      @Punj Lizard; MP is of course welcome anywhere anytime anyplace in Holland next tour, but the old Paradiso venue, the church, isn't the main concert location anymore. I suspect they would be programmed at Paradiso Noord, which is an okay modern concert hall, but it hasn't the magical charm of the original venue…

      Amsterdam would be cool, though. Being a lucky Dutchnaut I've been to Mp in Alkmaar, Maastricht and Nijmegen (coming up) all in one year, so I've become very addicted to the experience, like you! :MPD: :cheers:

      Punj Lizard

        @ JERO – I'm sorry to hear the Paradiso is not what it was. I had one of the oddest experiences of my life there. Anyway, I hope to catch one MP gig in the Netherlands next year. Having seen them at Alkmaar and Tilburg this year, a different city would be nice. Although I'm off to Amsterdam in about 12 hours, I can't make it to Nijmegen on Saturday. Enjoy the show!


          Paradiso is very much alive. I believe that the last time MP played the main venue was in 2010, HMF tour


            Het Depot, Leuven, Belgium, 22/05/2019


            Paradiso is very much alive. I believe that the last time MP played the main venue was in 2010, HMF tour

            Think that the band's audience nowadays isn't big enough to fill the mail hall? Same problem with the Effenaar I guess, which used to be their homestead, but they haven't played there anymore since they were moved from the mail hall to the smaller one in 2012.

            Krist Rampage

              @Crosskip is right unfortunately. The first time i saw MP in Paradiso the place was packed, twice in a year. The last time in 2008 it was not that crowded. Paradiso is an amazing place so it's a pitty that hey don't seem to play there anymore, but understandable. Cool thing is that they did play Vera again in 2010, 2012, 2013 & 2016. Last time before 2010 was 2000 so it's great that they returned to Vera. Paradiso & Vera are my favorite places to see bands so i hop they will play Vera in 2019 again.

              The Other Anders

                15.05.2019 – DK Copenhagen, Hotel Cecil

                350 capacity venue.


                  11.04.2019 – NO Bergen, Hulen


                    This is really a surprise because Hulen is really a small place. I attended a concert there eight years ago and according to the homepage it is still the same.


                      Of course it's the same. There aren't many caves in Bergen (actually there are some). Anyway, great venue!


                        Heh – a return to Hulen? That's where I attended my first Motorpsycho show, in March 1992. Back then the show started with a crowd of around a hundred, around half of us stayed until the end.


                        May 21st Vera Groningen! :)

                        boomer former helm

                          19.5. Tivoli Vredenburg – Utrecht


                            Great, a show in my home away from home! (21/5)

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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994