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      Still not sure where to go this tour, apart from the southwest coast of Norway!


        They are playing Driv in Tromsø, the second day of may.


          10.04.2019 – NO Haugesund, Høvleriet

          11.04.2019 – NO Bergen, Hulen

          12.04.2019 – NO Bergen, Hulen

          13.04.2019 – NO Stavanger, Folken

          02.05.2019 – NO Tromsø, Driv

          03.05.2019 – NO Trondheim, Verkstedhallen

          04.05.2019 – NO Ã…lesund, Terminalen

          11.05.2019 – NO Oslo, Sentrum Scene

          15.05.2019 – DK Copenhagen, Hotel Cecil

          16.05.2019 – DE Hamburg, Markthalle (w. Elder – 25 Years Stickman anniversary)

          19.05.2019 – NL Utrecht, Tivoli Vredenburg

          21.05.2019 – NL Groningen, Vera

          22.05.2019 – BE Leuven, Het Depot

          23.05.2019 – DE Hannover, Faust

          24.05.2019 – DE Wiesbaden, Schlachthof

          25.05.2019 – CH Lausanne, Les Docks

          27.05.2019 – AT Wien, Arena

          28.05.2019 – IT Trezzo Sull'adda (MI), Live Music Club

          29.05.2019 – IT Bologna, Zona Roveri Music Factory

          30.05.2019 – IT Avellino, Teatro Partenio

          31.05.2019 – IT Roma, Orion

          01.06.2019 – IT Genova, Goa Boa Preview

          02.06.2019 – DE Reutlingen, Kulturzentrum franz.K

          28.06.2019 – NO Trondheim, Trondheim Rocks

          31.07.2019 – NO Trondheim, Byscenen / Olavsfestdagene – Motorpsycho with friends

          10.08.2019 – NO Oslo, Øyafestivalen – Motorpsycho with friends


            Quoting MP on Instagram: "we’re doing europe in two parts this year, and most geeman [sic] shows will happen in September. hopefully Schlachthof will be one of those!"

            In that department I have it from a reliable source that Berlin (Festsaal Kreuzberg) has been confirmed for 17.10.


            I asked the band via Instagram whether we're going to get a UK Show

            and they replied 'looks like it!'

            that'll do for me. panic over


              17.02.2019 – NO Trondheim, UFFA


              If my counting is not too much off it looks like there will be 5 shows in Trondheim this year – if we include the traditional yule-party.

              Have camera, no need to travel.

              Punj Lizard

                @supernaut. That's great news. 😀


                  Oho, that is nearly 29 years after their support gig with Turbonegro on April 1990. :o

                  Interesting news about those autumn dates in Germany, thank you :)


                    Great News – I will postpone my annual MP live experience to autumn then – usually it gets more interesting once the new songs have settled in a bit, like in 2018 with the Tower tracks. Prolonged tension and curiosity will hopefully lead to another overwhelming live experience.


                      Regarding UFFA, might be 25 years since the last played there even if it doesn't come up in the set list generator here..


                        Never saw the ticket link to the UFFA concert until it was gone. Fastest selling concert ever?

                        Maybe I will have to kill someone…

                        – uhm, do you by chance have a ticket kjellepelle?


                        I have still not found the ticket link, hmmm


                          Thor Egil, yes have ticket, not a spare though. And not because of me though, have a wonderful partner. :cheers:

                          Tickets was sold at hoopla but they are long gone…


                            04.04.2019 – NO Bodø, Sinus

                            Finally they will play at the new Sinus!



                              Ah, got myself a ticket to UFFA without having to kill anyone :cheers:

                              Turns out the UFFA gig is the last night Bent is 49 years old.

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                            …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994