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    There were sold tickets for 5 concerts (sunday -> thursday) at Blitz last weekend. Still no announcement yet (which might have something to do with the new corona situation in Oslo).


      5 nights? Wow, hope it'll work out fine for all of you who can go :-)


      Yes – 5 nights. I got one of the very last tickets (for sunday 15th) after spending almost 3 hours in the queue so I really hope this works out. As I understand it they have given up on selling any tickets online so it will certainly be intimate if they manage to pull it off.


        The traditional Yuleshow has been announced. Presale starts oct. 30 (see link) :MPD:

        22.10.2020 – NO Trondheim, Verkstedhallen (sold out)

        23.10.2020 – NO Trondheim, Verkstedhallen (sold out)

        24.10.2020 – NO Trondheim, Verkstedhallen (sold out)

        14.11.2020 – NO Hamar kulturhus

        (15.11.2020 – NO Oslo, Blitz – Tickets allegedly sold, but not officially announced)

        (16.11.2020 – NO Oslo, Blitz)

        17.11.2020 – NO Oslo, Blitz

        18.11.2020 – NO Oslo, Blitz

        19.11.2020 – NO Oslo, Blitz

        20.11.2020 – NO Porsgrunn, RiP, 21.00 (max 50 seats) (SOLD OUT)

        21.11.2020 – NO Porsgrunn, Rip, 16.00 (no age limit, max 50 seats) (SOLD OUT)

        21.11.2020 – NO Porsgrunn, Rip, 21.00 (18 and over, max 50 seats) (SOLD OUT)

        18.12.2020 – NO Trondheim, Byscenen –

        19.12.2020 – NO Trondheim, Byscenen :cheers:


          Oh, the temptation


            Oh, the ppp&pandemic :(


              Where is the information from that there are going to be 5 shows in Oslo? And even more importantly – tickets sold?? Where???


                @paolinogrande001 – Just above my post.

                Can't find any official confirmation from Blitz – according to Blitz Booking on fb it is 3 days.

                The tickets were sold last weekend – physical silk screen printed tickets only.



                @paolinogrande001 Blitz are really tightlipped about this still. I have no idea why. They were supposed to sell further tickets online but have so far only confirmed that online tickets will probably not happen.

                The pppandemic is making it really hard to plan as rules change on short notice and Oslo recommendations are now max 20 people indoors unless designated seats.

                BTW – they didnt have enough printed tickets for the people in line on saturday so my ticket is basically my name and phonenumber on a list which I have a photo of :)


                  Byscenen Trh 18 and 19 of Descember :-)

                  Byscenen Trh

                  Tickets out now.


                    New Corona regulations for Norway were announced yesterday, and a lot of concerts in Norway before 2021 have been canceled. I expect this to affect these gigs as well, so brace yourself for some potentially ugly news :(


                      Some good news thus far! The byscenen gigs will happen, as they meet the required regulations :D


                        Shutdown in Oslo – The Blitz gigs are screwed. Unless they manage to arrange them as wedding (or funeral) parties :cry:


                        Yeah, best-case scenario now is probably that the Blitz-gigs will be postponed til later.


                        Postponement of Blitz gigs confirmed as expected. Will be rescheduled when the pest is less intrusive.

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