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      Secured tickets for both Wednesday and Thursday. Hope to be able to go to both gigs. If so it will be my first MP double since some legendary nights at Garage in Bergen in October ‘99.

      Let’s see…

      Small venue: check

      Multi-gig stand: check

      Mid-week gigs: check

      X-factor: unknown, quite possible.

      The stars are aligned for some pretty special gigs, I hope.


        Secured a ticket for Friday. I might do Wednesday as well

        if things go as planned.

        Finally my MP withdrawal symptoms will be relieved :lol:

        1 year and 9 months is a long time…


          Bought tickets for all 5 gigs!Dont know if I can use them all, but Yoho!


            @ Johnny: Boring? Hmmm. Well, I expect you are referring to some passages of Magma which I think can be heavy going if you are unfamiliar or not in the groove. As for The Grateful Dead, I'm ashamed to admit they remain one of the most glaring gaps in my musical knowledge. One of these days… Generally, however, I am not a fan of boring music, which is why I'm here!


              Hello everybody, back from Leuven/Louvain, the Magma gig was totally ZEUHL (heavenly), they haven't lost any power, the singing ( quite a choir these days) was very good, and they played 3 new pieces! An upcoming new album was anounced. Already considering buying tickets for London, june 2022…Concerning The Grateful Dead, every now and then I try to get into them, so far I just don't get it (yet), but if you are a fan of theirs, like Johnny, it must be a blast to be able to 'eat your collector's heart out'!

              Anyway, although it wasn't MP this time, it felt so great just to attend a concert after all that time!


                Is it possible to open a new thread for "non Motorpsycho" live experiences and expected shows? This thread is called "Motorspycho live 2021" and I always hope to read new information about forthcoming Motorpsycho shows this year after seen a new post.


                  Very pleased to see more Blitz tickets for sale.

                  Will be going monday and friday. Had I not been a relatively new father it would have been monday -through- friday. Awesome choice of venue considering their early history. I think it must be close to two years now since I saw our boys. Definitely looking forward to this.

                  Also those of you who did not ‘get’ the Dead (yet): No worries, this just means you have alot to look forward to.

                  Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.


                    Who’s going to Desertfest Antwerp and Desertfest Ghent in Belgium to see our beloved band ?

                    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them. Really looking forward :-)


                      @Blashyrkh: I know eleven (Herman the) German Psychonauts coming over to Antwerp + at least six to Ghent :MPD: Really glad motorpsycho are announced for a 2 hours slot, that leaves enough space to present long pieces like N.O.X. to a hungry and dedicated Euro audience: starting to realize this is really going to happen, excitement is clearly rising!

                      boomer former helm

                        oh yes, excitement is really rising. @Blashyrkh: will be there too.


                          @Blashyrkh I'll be there in Ghent as well (I live there) :)

                            Really glad motorpsycho are announced for a 2 hours slot

                            Is that confirmed for Ghent?

                            'cos apparently is a single stage for 13 artists.

                            Also, to anyone in belgium, is it hard to get a covid certificate for a non-european?


                              @fco, At the moment Belgium seems very relaxed about it, I went through some trouble for it for Het Depot weren't able to scan a non-Belgian QR-code, to my relief some days before the concert they contacted me and were now able to scan the INTERNATIONAL QR-code for admitance. After all the tension it came as a big surprise that we were admitted without any scanning for Covid-vaccination proof or test at all! Tt seems they changed the rules just some days ago. But anyway it would be best to contact the venue to be sure.

                              Have fun, those who are going to Ghent.

                              (can you spot the 2 MP songtitles and 1 Colin Newman songtitle in the text above? Box of Belgium chocolate for the winner, provided that my wife hasn't discouvered the hiding place :) )


                                @fco: The venues' website mentions two rooms, potentially three if the top floor can be used as well :)


                                  Ok, ticket bought. Thanks JERO and Tomcat!

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