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      cheers gutted, now cracking open a beer

      Punj Lizard

        @thefordblue – I feel for you. I hope you were able to get back some (or all) of your expenses.


          I’m very sorry for anyone who has lost out financially, but it turns out that this postponement might have worked well for me, at least. Circumstances would have dictated that I could not have attended any show at this time. Now I have to hope things will have changed by the time of the rearranged dates. I am intrigued to know who the drummer(s) will be when those dates come around!

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            I’m not posting too much here as I mainly concrentrate on my faveourite MP experience, taping with permission.
            I know about the financial struggles between the countries, but both UK and Norway are not EC. All I remember from the last tour May 2022, the venues in Germany were only about half-full. Hamburg, Hannover (Spectes…only 150 people in such a small intimite location!), Bremen (all the stairs up weren’t occupied) and for my personal downer, even the majestic Bielefeld show wasn’t too crowded. War in East, Financial Crisis, Exploding Enegery prices, dear of unemployment. All that comprises into a surrealistic picture. Big Acts are sold out, no matter if they cost 250+€ or more.
            And all the others?
            Just got back from seeing Monster Magnet in Hannover. Just about 500, balcony was closed (I’m so pissed).
            And they charged just 42€.
            Motorpsycho took a bit less last year, but presented more value for money (the god of the 21st century)…


              Looks like there won’t be UK dates with the “fourpiece” in September since that should be advertised by now, October as a trio is also beginning to be too short term :-/


                Less than four weeks until tour start! Yay! My first show on this tour will be Trondheim, also my first time in Trondheim and first time seeing MP in Norway (have seen Tussler in Norway 2003 though). Can’t wait!

                MOTORPSYCHO – YAY! TOUR 2023
                31.08.2023 NO, Aladdin Scene – Halden
                01.09.2023 NO Larvik – Bølgen
                02.09.2023 NO Hamar – Festiviteten
                07.09.2023 NO Mandal – Buen Kulturhus
                08.09.2023 NO Kongsberg – Energimølla
                09.09.2023 NO Oslo – Rockefeller
                14.09.2023 NO Stavanger – Folken
                15.09.2023 NO Haugesund – Høvleriet
                16.09.2023 NO Bergen – USF Verftet
                22.09.2023 NO Tromso – Driv
                23.09.2023 NO Trondheim – Verkstedhallen
                29.09.2023 NO Alesund – Terminalen
                30.09.2023 NO Sandane – Trivselshagen

                05.10.2023 SE Uppsala, Katalin
                06.10.2023 SE Malmö – Plan B
                07.10.2023 DK Copenhagen – Hotel Cecil
                08.10.2023 DE Hamburg – Knust
                10.10.2023 DE Oldenburg – Kulturetage
                11.10.2023 DE Düsseldorf – Zakk
                12.10.2023 NL Tilburg – 013
                13.10.2023 NL Utrecht – TivoliVredenburg
                14.10.2023 NL Zwolle – Hedon
                15.10.2023 BE Kortrijk – De Kreun
                17.10.2023 DE Reutlingen – franzK
                18.10.2023 CH Châtelaine – PTR Usine
                20.10.2023 IT Livorno – Cage
                21.10.2023 IT Cesena – Vidia
                22.10.2023 IT Roma – Orion
                24.10.2023 IT Milano – Santeria Toscana 31
                25.10.2023 CH Zürich – Rote Fabrik
                26.10.2023 DE Nürnberg – Z-Bau
                27.10.2023 DE Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
                28.10.2023 DE Dresden – Beatpol
                29.10.2023 DE Berlin – SO36


                  As seen on Facebook, Motorpsycho return to the Coupole in Biel/Bienne in Switzerland on 19.10.2023


                    Ah la Coupole!!! Memories and magic!


                      FYI, Rockefeller is now sold out.


                        Hello, thinking about making the pilgrimage to Trondheim. Whats the venue like? Anyone done that from the UK?


                          Unfortunately, I can’t attend to the sold-out Rockefeller-event Sept. 9th. Watching my kids instead apparently… So, ticket available: NOK 400. Please contact

                          Update: SOLD

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                            I can’t attend the show in Bergen, Sept 16 due to family obligations. Price 400 NOK, contact


                              It seems as if Motorpsycho played an accoustic set in Trondheim yesterday, at the Eat The Rich-festival. Just Snah and Bent. Several short films on Instagram (and possibly elsewhere). Anybody there?


                                Saw Instagram snippets of Mad Sun, Spin Spin Spin, Sideway Spiral I and On My Pillow. So that’s promising :mp:


                                  From Insta:

                                  Real Again
                                  Mad Sun
                                  On My Pillow
                                  Sideway Spiral
                                  Spin Spin Spin
                                  All Tomorrow’s Parties


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                                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994