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    boomer former helm

      I just saw Ingvar yesterday performing with Kanaan, and now I am pretty sure he is the right new drummer in the band. He has incredible skills and the ability to withdraw at the right moments and to embed himself in the overall structure of the music. I am very much looking forward to the new direction Motorpsycho will take with him and can’t wait to see this new incarnation live :)

      And I am also very curious if there will be live recordings from the Norway tour with Olaf Olsen. It is incredibly exciting to me how the music will sound with him on the drums.


        Well said Boomer, I saw Kanaan (finally!) live on Tuesday in Dortmund and had a blast. What a band! Ingvald is already playing as if he was in a live session with motorpsycho and our old lads will get enough kicking from him (he even broke the skin of his bassdrum ;)

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        boomer former helm

          Oh yes, Kanaan was really a blast. Bought the new album, and really look forward to listening it today after work.


            I had forgotten that I had already bought tickets for the concert at Rockefeller on 9/9/23 and am therefore selling 3 tickets for NOK 300 each. Full price is NOK 400 and it appears to be sold out.
            Send me an email if you are interested to


              Tour starts tonight :-)

              MOTORPSYCHO – YAY! TOUR 2023
              31.08.2023 NO, Aladdin Scene – Halden
              01.09.2023 NO Larvik – Bølgen
              02.09.2023 NO Hamar – Festiviteten
              07.09.2023 NO Mandal – Buen Kulturhus
              08.09.2023 NO Kongsberg – Energimølla
              09.09.2023 NO Oslo – Rockefeller
              14.09.2023 NO Stavanger – Folken
              15.09.2023 NO Haugesund – Høvleriet
              16.09.2023 NO Bergen – USF Verftet
              22.09.2023 NO Tromso – Driv
              23.09.2023 NO Trondheim – Verkstedhallen
              29.09.2023 NO Alesund – Terminalen
              30.09.2023 NO Sandane – Trivselshagen

              05.10.2023 SE Uppsala, Katalin
              06.10.2023 SE Malmö – Plan B
              07.10.2023 DK Copenhagen – Hotel Cecil
              08.10.2023 DE Hamburg – Knust
              10.10.2023 DE Oldenburg – Kulturetage
              11.10.2023 DE Düsseldorf – Zakk
              12.10.2023 NL Tilburg – 013
              13.10.2023 NL Utrecht – TivoliVredenburg
              14.10.2023 NL Zwolle – Hedon
              15.10.2023 BE Kortrijk – De Kreun
              17.10.2023 DE Reutlingen – franzK
              18.10.2023 CH Châtelaine – PTR Usine
              19.10.2023 CH Bienne – La Coupole
              20.10.2023 IT Livorno – Cage
              21.10.2023 IT Cesena – Vidia
              22.10.2023 IT Roma – Orion
              24.10.2023 IT Milano – Santeria Toscana 31
              25.10.2023 CH Zürich – Rote Fabrik
              26.10.2023 DE Nürnberg – Z-Bau
              27.10.2023 DE Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
              28.10.2023 DE Dresden – Beatpol
              29.10.2023 DE Berlin – SO36


                I see on Instagram that Ingvald has kicked through his bass drum skin twice on the current Kaanan tour – and broken the bass drum pedal.

                Looking good for the European leg :cheers:


                  He’s Ingwild :)


                    Hamburg has sold out and it seems there is a low ticket alert for Berlin as well…

                    Good news!

                    Punj Lizard

                      Hi all. Sadly I’m not going to be able to make the tour this time around. I had tickets for all three NL dates (Tilburg, Utrecht, Zwolle), as well as Eurostar and rooms booked. But we’re moving home and I can no longer make it. Thankfully, I’ve been able to postpone my train ticket at no cost and cancel the rooms, also at no cost. This leaves me with tickets. I’ve already passed on the Zwolle ticket, which leaves me with one for Utrecht and one for Tilburg.

                      So … anybody interested in a ticket for Utrecht and/or Tilburg? If so, DM me at jyotipunj at hotmail dot com. Pay what you can, or pay it forwards.

                      Krist Rampage

                        Bummer you can’t go man! Good luck with the move.

                        Punj Lizard

                          Thanks Krist

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